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Usual Mass times in the Redemptorist Church (apart from Novena in June)

Saturday Vigil: 7.15pm,
Sunday: 8.00am, 12.00pm, 7.15pm
Monday-Friday: 8.00am, 10.00am, 7.15pm
Saturday: 10.00am

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237 Responses to Web Cam

  1. Ann Grealish says:

    With a very greatful heart I thank you all and pray God’s Blessings on each and everyone of you who brought the beautiful novena masses onto our homes for the past 9 days. Le cunamh De we will be back at ‘the Fathers’ again next year for the novena 29
    2022. Stay safe and stay well and Thank you again. God bless.
    A regular novena goer for many, many year’s.
    Ann Grealish

  2. Mary Coughlan says:

    Sunday was Fr Gerry Moloney doing both celebrating the Holy Mass and preaching The gospel was short and I found I remembered it better as Gerry made it real and connected to our lives I really thought his sense of social justice and his stats to back up the unfairness of workers rights in certain countries was brilliant Again I would highly recommend the novena as a means to refresh and renew our spiritual life

  3. Mary Coughlan says:

    Day 2 of the Novena on Saturday was beautiful with Fr Seamus Enright the preacher again made the gospels and reading come alive and gave a strong message on St Josephs part in the life of Jesus and his mother Mary and really it was so relevant Sunday being Fathers Day thank you Fr Seamus It was lovely to see our Bishop Brendan Leahy concelebrating the Holy Mass with his usual kindness and sharing I encourage more people to view the Novena on line Thanks to Fr David Mc Namara looking after the technology you are doing brilliantly

  4. Mary Coughlan says:

    Listened on line to 7.15 pm session of Novena was very impressed with concelebrating by Fr Raphael Gallagher thank you I really like the gospel in pictures it was excellent and made the gospel verse come alive thank you Fr Laurence Gallagher’s preaching on St Joseph really got it right could have listen all day I thank you for your wonderful service I know you had a busy day yesterday and a sad one as you buried the ‘Face’ of the Redemptorists Br Seamus may he rest internal peace. Thinking of you all in prayer

  5. Tadhg Herbert says:

    Thanks David and Gerry! Up Limerick

  6. Ann Grealish says:

    May your friend Fr. Pat rest in peace. Condolences to you all

  7. Ann Grealish says:

    Lovely to see Fr. Meskell back. I’ve missed that wave at the end. ??

  8. Ann Grealish says:

    God bless you all for bringing the mass and rosary to us all during those very strange times for us all.???

  9. ANNE McDonagh says:

    How blessed we are to have to such wonderful priests, giving us this wonderful service, without which there would be no light in our lives.

  10. Anne-Marie ODonnell says:

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help

    Please interceed to your loving son. protect me from those who want to get rid of me
    of me at work it has gone on for years. I have suffered so much. I know through your
    intercession the truth can be revealed & my good name restored
    Thank you loving mother for helping cope over the years

  11. joe wilkins says:

    Thank you for letting us join you from Lytham St Annes England for Holy Mass. We pray for your parish that you may be safe during the pandemic. May God bless you.

  12. Catherine Orchard says:

    Loved your services . Will try to participate daily in these trying times
    Thank you

  13. Agnes Moore says:

    Thank you for beautiful Stations of Cross….would very much
    appreciate remembrance of Moore Family in your prayers.
    Thank you and God Bless.
    Agnes Moore

  14. Michelle Cooke says:

    Thank you for the solidarity that you have brought into our homes through the online mass and prayer.

    I am helping my parents understand it as best they can they are used to listening to the mass on the radio this is all very new.

    God bless


  15. Joan sargent says:

    Just to say a very big thanks to all in mount st. Alsphonsus for allowing us in other parts of the world, to share in the mass, with you all. That God will bless the priests, in any difficulties at this time. Thank you J S

  16. Joc Sanders says:

    Thank you, Bishops Brendan and Kenneth, for leading us in prayer, and thank you, Pope Francis, for proposing this initiative. It is a great blessing that Christians of all traditions, and people of other faiths, can come together to pray in faith and hope.

  17. Patrick OSullivan says:

    Thank you for morning Mass each day. Just lovely to join with you all during this awful time.
    Say thanks to Frances for her lovely singing.
    Regards from Effin, Kilmallock.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful mass during this difficult time in the world. So so happy to join you for the Mass of the Annuciation from Cincinnati Ohio USA. Keep up the great work! Much love to you all! Thank you for your blessing Father and sharing this sacrifice.

  19. Liz O'Reilly says:

    Thank you for a beautiful service today – it shone a light in these difficult times.

  20. Kathleen Faley says:

    What a happy co-incidence that I clicked on to this website for Mass this morning. I am happy that today 15th August is a special day of dedication for the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. I was in Rome from 26 June – 1st July and I visited the Church of St Alfonso on Via Merulana on the actual Feast day of Our Mother of Perpetual Help on Thursday 27th June and attended Mass there. I also had a Mass booked for a special intention in regard to a friend of my daughter who is expecting her first baby later on in October. We attended her wedding earlier this year. May that intention be included in the Masses in Mount St Alphonsus today. Thank you.

    Kathleen Faley

  21. Tadhg Herbert says:

    Joining you all in song and prayer. Good luck with the novena this year. And up Limerick tomorrow!! Tadhg

  22. gearoid kelly says:


  23. Ciarán says:

    A fine sermon from Fr,. Kevin Brown

    “ As age had Youths bloom falter
    She retreated to the past
    Abandoning the present
    Receding from the future .
    Going to the door
    calling for the dog
    years dead , long ago ”

    In John’s Gospel
    the unfaithful condemned woman
    now , that the crowd , unable in their own guilt to stone her
    had left … Jesus indicated she forgive herself ,
    unchain that cause of her being here now
    With such forgiveness all round
    causal issues from this clearer present might spring a better future
    But if that someone had gone from the bridge in suicide
    hard to ask their forgiveness
    or people in the present irreconcilable , unable to forgive
    hope for the future is then difficult
    Such is human nature
    Escape from the past , the potent present and hopeful future
    becomes then a leap of faith :
    Scary going off that edge
    swimming out to deeper water
    Retreat to the past is an understandable option
    but terribly dull
    “ Only say the word and I shall be healed ”
    Except , humans need physical and emotional contact
    Words alone “ don’t cut the mustard ”
    As the body without spirit is dead
    Faith without actions , is dead ~ James 2:26 .
    That touch , of palm across shoulder and down
    back up again , like an inverse L
    makes contact with our cerebral birth wombs chemistry :
    Overlays past , that womb healing peace … with the present ,
    emotional heartbreak and
    immobilizing turmoil
    Usually tears happen then , biting of the lyp
    misting of the eye …
    Need for poets to put beauty around the place ,
    as with sermons from Fr. Kevin and his ilk

    “ As age had Youths bloom falter
    She retreated to the past
    Abandoning the present
    Receding from the future .
    Going to the door
    calling for the dog
    years dead , long ago ”

    As smooth his turn of phrase
    as the gathered dew
    moonlight ~ lit
    had dawn , an singular pearl
    from th’ camber’d petal , fall

    Halving his page
    surely , a ~touch …
    Wisdom’s hue

    Like as that old painting of ———— ” Waefu’ heart ”
    with winters sheepdog ,
    easy around the old fireplace
    Rays from the amber ‘n’ burgundy hearth
    with a fine wine
    colloidal calmed listeners , and the Good talk !

    Evening settling in …
    Sapphire over pale blue

    The “ Waefu’ Heart” painting ,
    was exhibited with lines from a traditional ballad, ‘Auld Robin Gray’.
    After marrying a wealthy older man,
    the heroine of the tale
    was heartbroken when her long-lost lover returned.
    As she saw then his True Heart … an beautiful mind .

    Lady Anne Lindsay , author of ” Auld Robin Grey ”
    was married to Andrew Barnard
    son of Thomas Barnard , Bishop of Limerick

  24. Ciarán says:

    Codicil to the previous
    Codicil to the previous
    for Barbara Reagan :
    How times change ( Conas a athraíonn amanna )

    March 31st ~ Our Irish clocks have sudden , gone forward to daylight saving , ( + 1 hour forward )
    So times of corresponding masses in Charlotte , are now earlier by 5 hours difference
    Our masses in Limerick Ireland 08.00 am 10.00 am and 21.15 pm
    are now in Charlotte , North Carolina 03.00 am 05.00 am and 14.15 pm respectively


  25. Ciarán says:

    Response to
    Barbara Reagan says:
    March 20, 2019 at 3:41 pm

    as follows :

    Three masses occur here each day

    Early morning 08.00 AM 10.00 AM and evening mass 19.15 PM

    Corresponding Times in Charlotte , North Carolina ( New York ) are as follows

    Early morning 04.00 AM 06.00 AM and evening mass 15.15 PM ( Your time )

    As regards daylight saving
    remember the old reminder “ Spring forward , Fall backward ”

    Since you are on daylight saving these times should be correct

    All feathers in the wind , finally rest
    and snow storms blinding blizzard , becomes … a clear glen
    God Bless
    Hope this has cleared things for you

    Ciarán . Limerick City
    ~ An evening mass vestibule shadow

    Would you please figure out for me, an 88 year woman in Charlotte, North Carolina, at what time I can watch a live Mass from your parish? We are on New York Time but are also on daylight saving time which means time now is 20 minutes to eight but without the daylight saving time it would be 20 to eleven.

  26. Barbara Reagan says:

    Would you please figure out for me, an 88 year woman in Charlotte, North Carolina, at what time I can watch a live Mass from your parish? We are on New York Time but are also on daylight saving time which means time now is 20 minutes to eight but without the daylight saving time it would be 20 to eleven.

    Thank you

  27. gearoid kelly says:

    i heard there was a wedding today

  28. gearoid kelly says:

    pray for the kelly family

  29. Ann Grealish says:

    For the first time in well over 20 years I missed attending the novena due to illness. But thank God for the Web. I tuned in each day. May God and our lady bless each and every one of you who make this wonderful novena possible every year. Go mbeire muid beo ar an am seo aríst.

  30. Desiree Fitzpatrick says:

    fab novena – happy longest day of the year!!

  31. Desiree Fitzpatrick says:

    its ok – back again now — miracle or what lol :-)!

  32. Desiree Fitzpatrick says:

    unable to watch live Novena! :-( unable to upload, not sure why?? shutdown and restart with no result- continuous timer ??

  33. Ann Grealish says:

    Another day down thank God.

  34. Kate Hourigan says:

    I love going to the novena when I’m home in limerick…but it’s so nice to tune in online when I can’t be there in the real…such an inspiring celebration of family..I.have all the hymns stuck in my head…it’s great..

  35. elaine says:

    dear our Mother of perpetual help please help my daughter Elaine to get better as she suffers with fibromylagia and backpain

  36. ye should be on church service website

  37. Phil says:

    This is wonderful, I thank you for it. Well done.

  38. Desiree Fitzpatrick says:

    great to see the novena live ! at work and unable to make the mass.

  39. Ann Grealish says:

    Thank God I could tune in again tonight and enjoy another wonderful novena. I’m hoping I will be home in a day or two and will be able to attend the novena.

  40. Sandra Hayes says:


    I should have added in the last comment – great to see / hear people from across the world leading / participating in Novena

  41. Sandra Hayes says:


    I’m a native of Limerick – living in the UK for many years. I’m “attending” the Novena online and have just listened to Ann Walsh’s sermon at th 18.00 /18-6 .

    Lovely lady and sermon BUT ask her next time not to forget that in the age we’re in virtual visits are also possible and very meaningful to emigrants.!

    Happy to discuss at any time

  42. Elaine O kelly says:

    Hi having trouble uploading novena on my tablet. Clicking on webcam shows a picture of church press play nothing happin. No picture or sound. Is Anyone having the same trouble or any advice would be appreciated

  43. Ann Grealish says:

    Another beautiful mass. Thank God. ?

  44. Elaine O kelly says:

    I am loving the novena especially the singing. Feel good when you do the sessions. I would to hear the song abide with me been sang it’s in the novena book and I’m hoping it will be sang any day I’m in. Lovely novena

  45. Elaine O kelly says:

    I am loving the novena especially the singing. Feel good when you do the sessions. I would to hear the song abide with me been sang it’s in the novena book and I’m hoping it will be sang any day I’m in.

  46. Cathy Dellar says:

    I have been watching this year’s Novena on-line. It has been so beautiful; at times I have cried and at times I have laughed but that is what family life is all about. Thank you so much everyone who has helped make this week so special. God bless

  47. Ann Grealish says:

    Thank you for a beautiful service. For the 2nd night I’m so pleased to be able to take part through the, Web from UHL. For the first time in many, many a year I am missing the novena but greatful to be able to tune in. Thank God for technology. ?. God and our Mother of Perpetual help bless you all for your wonderful work.

  48. Tadhg Herbert says:

    Thanks Ann. Lovely reflection on family. Great to see you back in Limerick. Pity we wont meet up this year

  49. Marie- Gorettie says:

    I am watching your transmission through the web cam., here in Germany. Can you check if the sound is turned on as I can see but not hear.Thanking you and wishing you all much success for the Novena. greetings and thanks, Marie

  50. Anne says:

    Good morning, can you please tell me, where and when it’s possible to download the nee Novena booklet? Thanks and kind regards Anne

  51. Michael Tuohy says:

    Hello,,we cannot see your masses no visual, hearing fine can you check this out for us thank you.

  52. We are 86 & 87 years old. We live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Please, please help us access your site. My husband and I want to watch your Mass LIVE.

    At what time in USA: North Carolina can I access your Mass live?

    Thank you,

  53. Michael Tuohy says:

    Hello,my wife delores watches your mass every morning at 10am however we cannot receive live pictures of the mass is there a breakdown via web site with your service provider its disappointing can you check this out for us,sincerely yours,delores & michael tuohy(dublin)

  54. Breda says:

    Pray for a couple who are expecting their first baby.

  55. Henrietta O'Meara says:

    Snowed in here in the hills of Co. Cork and unable to travel the roads to Mass today.
    Delighted to be able to participate in the 12 noon Liturgy over the Web-Cam.
    Many thanks to all involved in today’s Liturgy and warm regards to the community and co-workers at M.S.A.


  56. Hugh McCann says:

    Sorry to read of the death of Fr. Peter Byrne. I will keep him, his family and you the Limerick Community in my prayers.

  57. it has been wonderful to have been able to join in the novena every day good preachers good to hear frances only idid misstony,,

  58. Joan Dooley says:

    I must say Fr. Ciaran O’Callaghan’s sermon was truly inspiring. A big thank you to him and hopefully other sermons will be in this inspiring and truthful vein. I tuned in at home.

  59. my friend wouldent take me to mass this eve as it so wet so i am lucky to be with you thanks

  60. thank you once again for a lovely mass this eve always enjoy frances singing

  61. Anne McDonagh says:

    Cannot here Mass online

  62. Rita Jukes says:

    Dear mother help my daughter her husband and family.
    Thank you

  63. elaine says:

    dear mother of perpetual help please help Julia Purtil and Dolores Hayes and Maura Dwyer to get better

  64. iwas so pleased to get your carol concert truly great happy xmas one and all

  65. that was really clear to night thank you frs

  66. good to be to join you for st gerards novena from a distance I light a candle for you in Knock

  67. NORAH QUINN says:

    I can never thank the Redemptorists Priests enough for keeping me and my family so close to the Mother of Perpetual Help. I have been doing the Novena from I was a child I am now a pensioner and I am still doing the Novena every Thursday and the annual Novena every year. I could not have got through the worry and stress in my life without Our Blessed Mother Mary .with rearing a family in these times I am always asking Mary our Mother to take care of my family and she does that.

  68. Suzanne hickey says:

    I have been to Novena enjoyed every moment of it Congrats to every one in Folved thank u suzanne hickey

  69. breeda lhabitant says:

    many thanks for a wonderfui Novena I was happy to pray with all of you in Limerick every night Limerick woman living 48yers in Germany Gold blessYou all greeting form Germany. Breeda & Heinz,,,,

  70. elaine says:

    dear our mother of perpetual help please help mike powell to get better soon and Maura dyer soon

  71. Anne says:

    Following Limerick Solemn Novena online on your web cam but unable to get any sound . Tried another computer without success. The fault seems to be at your side . Is the microphone turned on ?

    • adrian says:

      All working fine here. Checked on a computer and sound coming through. Sorry its not working for you. Not sure why.

  72. mary c says:

    thank you holy mother for helping me the past 9 years get my late uncles legal affairs in order finally. it has lifted a huge burden for me and my husband and without your help we would not have been able to complete it.

  73. catherinehalpin says:

    Im on the web cam for the 9 50 Mass this morning and there is no sound I have checked my computer and sound is on other stations so it is not at this end.

    Please check for other masses

    Thank You

  74. Cath says:

    Delighted to be joining in to the Novena once again this year on the fabulous webcam since I am not able to get to Limerick for it. Thanks to everyone involved who do so much work both onscreen and in the background making this an occasion of joy for all participants. It is great to feel so connected with the community. Loving the homilies, the singing, everything is a great success, thanks be to God. On a final note, I love following along with the stunning booklet: it is a beautiful production.

  75. Marie says:

    Thanking everybody who makes it possible for us to take part in the Novena through the internet.My sister reminds me each year that it is Novena time and I love feeling connected with the Irish in prayer.I live in Germany,Bavaria, which is a great Catholic area,thank God.

  76. Robert E Zeigler says:

    A good friend who lives in Limerick City who I talk to via SKYPE daily, recommended I tune in and I do so from the Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware, USA., Mother Seton Parish.
    Sometimes the picture is a bit rough but the audio seems clear. I understand you have an extreme large attendance at the Novena. It is good to see the religious fervor amongst the the Irish. I have been to Ireland and find it so nice to be there.
    We have EWTN here in Alabama. They broadcast all over the world. Our Knights of Columbus support the satellite operations from the Vatican to the world. Shalom!

  77. Philip Lee says:

    Many, many memories flood back. Frances still doing a fine job with the singing – I love the “Reds”!!!!

  78. ANTONIO Joacy says:

    Sou Brasileiro, do Estado do Ceará e tenho acompanhado as novenas, pelo site da Igreja. Gostaria de agradecer pela experiência de grande alegria e satisfação. Fiquem com Deus.

    I am Brazilian , Ceará State and I have followed the novenas , the church website . I would like to thank you for the experience of great joy and satisfaction. Stay with God.

  79. Maureen says:

    Thank You so much for having the novena on the internet. what a brillant service. i would not have the time to get to limerick every day so its great to tune in this way.

  80. I was able to follow the booklet yesterday but cannot find it on the website today – it is lovely to be able to join in

  81. Gary Reeves says:

    Walked into the 9pm Novena tonight and with the beautiful music reminded of my time in Lourdes last year. Was exactly the same as the basicilla. Amazing Feeling!

  82. Elaine o kelly says:

    I was in at 11.30 novena today really beautiful come out feeling better mentally. I enjoy it every year

  83. paddy cooney says:

    We e are Sharing the Novena wit you in Sun City Center in Florida.
    Great to be able to watch and take part in this great Novena.
    God bless all of you.
    Irish Connection Club in Florida.

  84. Aidan Brodie says:

    Aidan Brodie here in Chicago Illinois, the picture and sound is fine. Great to be able to be part of the Limerick Novena from here in the U.S. Thank you, and great to see the Novena being so well attended as usual.

  85. Marie says:

    Thanks for the great service of the web cam, I watched the 9.50am Novena from my couch in The Sultanate of Oman.

  86. Rebecca says:

    It’s a wet and wild Friday night in New Zealand hope the sun is shining in Limerick – picture and sound grand. Have a great novena

  87. Marie O Brien says:

    Thank you for the great web cam service just watched the 9.50am Novena on my couch in The Sultanate of Oman.

  88. John O'Mahony says:

    Nice to able to see the Church on the Web Cam. I, like a lot of Limerick City lads have a long accociation with Mount Saint Alphonsus, having been a Juvenist in the 1950s and a member of the Coir as a boy and later in the men’s with the great Fr. John Torney.

  89. NORAH QUINN says:


  90. Cathy Dellar says:

    Fr Adrian
    I hope this doesn’t come to late
    I was watching the Easter Mass today and heard that you were leaving. I would like to thank you for all you have done Throughout the last 2 yrs we have watched Masses and Novenas from Limerick and have been very moved. My daughter even used your idea of My God is a great Big God in one of the services she helped with and it was really loved by those from Dunfermline who attended
    So sad you are going Father but thank you so much for all your hard work God bless you in your new position
    Yours sincerely
    Dellar Family (Dunfermline, Fife)

  91. great to have mass by a warm fire with fr kevin

  92. NORAH QUINN says:


  93. to whom it may concern<

    Would it be possible to get a recording of St.Patrick's Comprehensive School Choir performing today in your church?

    I would really appreciate it for our archives.

    Best Regards,

    Jacqueline Kavanagh
    School Librarian.
    St.Patricks Comprehensive School,
    061 361428

  94. Fiona McGonnell says:

    I am a parent in work and am loving the opportunity to be able to watch my daughter in Clarecastle N.S. choir compete. The quality of the webcam streaming is great, Thanks!

  95. the sound was really good for this mornings mass thank you God bless

  96. daniel o'brien says:

    Its so great just to look at the church on the cam , it gives out peace and tranquility. when i was a schoolboy i was in the fathers as we knew it. and went up to the 6am novena and back in the evening, little did we know they were the good days.

  97. hope the chapter goes remember us in your prayers………………

  98. John O'Mahony says:

    What are Mass Times for 6th January 2015 please.

    • adrian says:

      Vigil on Monday, January 5th at 7.15pm. Masses on Tuesday, January 6th at 8am, 10am, 12 Noon & 7.15pm

  99. so pleased to join you from Knock for the feast of st Mainchin tghe church is beautiful ….thanks to all God bless

  100. Oliver O'Driscoll says:

    Looking at my monitor, reminded me of a happier time when my late mother took me to the novena. It was also a safer time. I hope and pray that i will be able to move to a location which is relatively safe in the near future.

  101. Piotr Andrukiewicz says:

    I can see the Holy Mass from Limerick! Thanks be to God. I want to say hello to all redemptorist brothers in Limerick from comunity in Cracow (Poland). Merry Christmas! Fr. Piotr A.

  102. Marie Warner says:

    Hello to everyone on this wonderful site, from Merseyside England, I found a little prayer booklet of my late Father, started reading it and i got so much inspiration to find where this little book came from, I found the address on the back and went on line to see what I could find.

    I was not disappointed at all infact i am so delighted and I am going to pass it on to my friends and family.

    I Am Going to look to see if Ican Get Over To LIMERICK ! to see your beautiful church..

    Dear God Our Lady St Gerrard Pray For Me and My Family

    God Bless

  103. Google says:

    My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was entirely right.
    This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent
    for this information! Thanks!

  104. Liam Arrigan says:

    Is it possible to follow the mass tonight on the website as I am just after surgery

  105. Linda says:

    This facility is very valuable to most of us especially when we fail to make it to church. Lately I am finding it difficult to access it. It may be my location which is county Clare. but I never had any issues until lately.

    Thank you for al the prayers and the Lovely Novena. I wait for it each year. Thanks a lot. May God bless you all

  106. Maria says:

    Thanks to all of you who work on the front and behind the scenes as I really benefited from and enjoyed the 9 days as I joined on line. I shall pray for you in Lourdes on my first trip there. Thanks to Our Lady for looking after me constantly and that we may all be alive and well to join together again on June 12th next. By the way the volume was much lower coming from the atar than the pulpit where the singer was. I was able to turn up the volume on my computer and that solved the problem………….M xxxx

  107. Tadhg Herbert CSsR says:

    Adrian, great to see the crowds and many familiar faces. Thinking too of all the numbers who work away behind the scenes to make to novena happen every year. Has been great to with you all most days on the net. All the best for the remaining couple of days. Tadhg Herbert CSsR.

  108. Niamh says:

    Thank you mary i prayed for avril to get a trip to lordes
    thank you mary she goes on the 5th July

  109. Breeda says:

    Watching and praying with you in Limerick wonderful novena .great that we can See and Take Part ln Germany god blass Breeda heinz

  110. Elaine lee says:

    Hi i also found the sound very low and i have the speakers on full ,i had to plug in my ear phones to hear it.Elaine

  111. Garry Quilligan says:

    I have not been able to attend but the live feed is wonderful .
    Congratulations on a marvellous achievement.
    Garry Quilligan

  112. rebecca says:

    Dear Loving Mother,
    For my brother in-law mick to find work and my sister to take care of her health.

  113. elaine says:

    dear our lady of lourdes please help to pray for a special ntention

  114. Patrick says:

    Hi Adrian

    I would just like to confirm to you that the sound is working just fine ,
    This may be helpful for other listeners , who may be experiencing sound problems ? They need to check their own volume on their Pc , or add plug in speakers as you suggested !


  115. Bridget says:

    I am an activity co-ordinator in a nursing home and the residents have been listening to the novena through the web cam however the volume is very low and we can barely hear the service I am was wondering if the volume in the mircophones could be turned up. We listened as well last year and did not have this problem. Thank you

    • adrian says:

      Not sure what the problem might be. Tested the volume coming through on my own computer tonight and it seemed fine. There may be a problem with the volume on your computer, or you may need to plug in extra speakers. Sorry for the bother you’re having.

  116. have a safe and fruitful journey fr

  117. Hello we would like to thank fr Derek maskell and his colleagues for a wonderful visit your church is stunning and your devotion to all around you is excellent.this was our first time to see cameras in church this should be done in every church around Ireland,very modern and unique,both myself and delores enjoyed meeting and chatting to fr Derek and his colleagues our lunch was superb it made our visit to limerick extra special.thank you all for the wonderful work and commitment you provide for the people of limerick and around the world.sincerely yours.delores & michael tuohy.poppintree,Dublin.

  118. fred molloy says:

    please let me know the times and date for the novena to Our Lady Of Perpetual Help which I believe is sometime in June.
    thank you———————–fred molloy

  119. miriam curran says:

    would love to hear your holy thursday celebrations,beautifull picture but sound wont come . thanks.

  120. which day is fr egan preaching in galway

  121. enjoyed your take on st brigid to day unable to get to the shrine mass so am glad to have been able to join you st brigit love from Knock

  122. Anne McDonagh says:

    Being able to see the Church and pray in front of the Tabernacle even when the Church is closed is very helpful in focusing on prayer in the evenings.

    It is amazing to have this facility and I hope it continues for a long time to come.

  123. anne says:

    cannot get a live picture from the webcam
    “cannot load m3u8. 404 not found ”
    is it offline?

  124. raymond ocarroll says:

    Once again could not make it to mass and just logged on. Thank you.

  125. Marie Curtis says:

    Thank you for a wonderful meaningful Christmas concert, a lovely way to prepare for Chrstmas.

  126. RAYMOND O CARROLL says:

    Great idea bringing the mass into your home and talking to god on a one to one level.

  127. Alan Quin says:

    Its wonderful thank God for you God bless you all .

  128. Frank says:

    Thank you for a wonderful two nights 23rd and 24th of October for a fantastic account of the arrival of the Redemptorist in Limerick. The sound was only gone for a minute or two due to batteries.
    thanks again

  129. Stephen Richards says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful church and its services for us who are so far away. For the glory of God. May God bless and encourage each one who participates and who visits your sight.

  130. Faith says:

    What’s up everybody, here every person is sharing these familiarity, thus it’s good
    to read this web site, and I used to pay a visit this website everyday.

  131. Laine says:

    De mon IPad je peux assister aux cérémonies religieuses en direct de l’église St. Alphonsus in limerick.
    J’ai été accueilli par le père Anthony Mulvey au monastère en 1969 ou je suis resté presque une année.
    J’en garde un très bon souvenir en compagnie de tous les pères à l’époque.

    god bless the community and Ireland as Well.

    Joël laine

  132. Rosemary says:

    Was wonderful to be able to participate in the novena with you. Picture and sound came through perfectly on almost every occasion I logged in from Kentucky. Thanks so much. Well done to all involved.

  133. Catherine Dellar says:

    Thank you Mother Mary and thank you to everyone who made this Novena so special It was indeed Amazing Grace God bless you all

  134. Love the Novena Doing for my uncle who died at 56 years from Cancer
    miss him so much
    thank u
    Suzanne Hickey

  135. Mrs Joan Lane. says:

    Was there on Sunday evening. Despite the terrible day it was lovely to attend the novena.. I try to follow the novena everyday in my IPad. Mother of Perpetual Help please intercede for me and my family. Amen. Thank you.

  136. Marie Morrissey says:

    It is a great opportunity to have the Novena on line for people who do not live in the Limerick region. On tuning in to this beautiful Novena makes me realise that it is great to be a Catholic. For this I am grateful and to have the faith which has been passed on to me by my parents. The sermons are interesting, relevant and to the point, as is the superb singing.
    Thanks to the Redemptorists for a lovely novena.

  137. Peg says:

    This is a wonderful idea, to be able to take part in the novena via the internet. Thanks to all involved in any way.

  138. Ss.patricia says:

    lovely mass yet again love homily and Mary from thy sacred image but not the tune ….

  139. Martina says:

    I just want to thank all the priests that have said mass, sang and given sermons over the last four days. You have restored my faith in the church and helped me to believe in its goodness again. Please continue doing your great work.

  140. Kathleen says:

    Great to part take in novena

  141. Annette says:

    Hi I love the novena and it really gives me a sense on my god , my partner and I bring our godchild with us , we had her there today and as I have to give her back t her parents we did not have her for the special children’s blessing, when we were there today Fr. Egan was kind enough to bless her for us, but i was wondering is there a medal I can get that is blessed for her i asked today in the shop after mass but the lady was not sure.
    I do hope you can help


    • adrian says:

      No problem Annette. We have them in the sacristy. Just call in and ask us for one.

  142. Rose Oconnor says:

    What a wonderful witness to the faith. God bless the good work.

  143. Owen Diviney says:

    Great to see the Novena online. Well done to all involved.

  144. Yuliya Ruseva says:

    Well Done. Great to be able to be part of Novena even on line. Thank you.

  145. Mary Connolly says:

    Thank you so much for the facility of watching the novena live. Am living on cork and it means so much to be able to tune in on a daily basis. Always attended when I lived on limerick and have so many memories. Thank you. Mary.

  146. christina ryan says:

    Great to see the novena. It is so clear and am delighted to be able to hear it and do it from my own home. Well done .

  147. Pat Forde says:

    Really great and uplifting to be able to follow the Great Novena and watch it on Line , brings backs so many memories of Past Novena’s when I grew up in Limerick and attended the Novena in person, well done to all in facilitating this fantastic service to of all us ex Limerick folks, our hearts and thoughts are always with you.

  148. Pauline says:

    Many thanks for being live on line and letting me join in your cermoney,

  149. majella sheehan says:

    Problem with the sound this morning Im afraid.Impossible to listen to as there is a dreadful echo.Hope this can be rectified as its a wonderful service.

    • adrian says:

      Hi Majella, checked here and no problem with sound on other computers. Coming through lovely and clear. Must be local to yourself.

  150. Stephen Richards says:

    Thank you for streaming mass. It was so beautiful to be in God’s presence with you.

  151. Elizabeth says:

    Just heard the NW Symphonic Band playing a concert on your web cam. It was great to hear them in real time here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. It would have been nice if the lighting on the group was better. But thank you for sharing their sound with us!

  152. Ronn Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for streaming the concert! I am the father of the tuba player and enjoyed seeing your beautiful church while enjoying the NWC band. God bless!

  153. Sister Beatrice |Mol says:

    I just finished singing “O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today.” It was the final hymn at the novena Mass this Saturday morning, the eve of Pentecost. What a joy to be able to be with you all at Mt. St Alphonsus. I am here in Salford. I cannot get to Mass today but to be able to share Mass with you on my lap top is a great grace and joy to me. I even saw some old friends like Father Joe, Teresa, Sr. Marie Hayes. Thanks to all who make the webcam possible. Best wishes to Fr. Adrian , Fr. Jim and all in the monastery. United in prayer this Pentecost. Beatrice fcJ

  154. Raymond says:

    Very good service. I’m not old or sick. Just couldn’t make mass. Well done. Thank you.

  155. Ss.patricia says:

    thank you for the wonderful choirs last sunday eve and for relaying the masses much appreciated god bless you all..

  156. Kathy S. says:

    Thank you for allowing our family to enjoy the wonderful Spring Concert on April 21st via the Web Cam. We live in Virginia in the United States. We had the pleasure and honor of visiting your beautiful church during a visit with friends in the Limerick area in May 2011. Our friend was part of the choir on Sunday night and informed us of the concert.
    Our congratulations and deep appreciation to everyone involved. It was a truly magnificent performance. My only regret is that we were not inside the church to hear it live. Perhaps there will be another opportunity in the future.
    To the conductor, to the musicians, to the vocalists, and to all the supporting individuals, we send our sincere thanks for an inspiring and awesome concert. The many hours spent in rehearsals made for an evening of pure joy. What a true gift to all who were fortunate enough to attend, either in person or via the Web Cam.
    Thank you and may God bless each of you.

  157. I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for putting up.

  158. Bill says:

    I am one of those who were blessed and my sincere sympathy and sorrow to those that were abused. I was an altar boy in Mt.St.Alphonsus, so I was automically a member of confraternity in St John Berchmans section.I was afraid of the prefects and one or two priests who would “bite” if you did not do things per formula. I was there for a lot of wonderful occasions because we were involved as altar servers and that made us active christians(we did not know what we were) but it has sustained me all my life. But today, Easter Sunday, was wondeful. Children involved even with the bribe of easter eggs and older People as Eucharistic Ministers and Reader. I hope the eggs will keep bringing them back and in time they will know why they were there—— Very well done Reds you did it again. It was a little sad because of Fr Pats death but it was a joy and very spiritual to be present. Well Done. Bill

  159. Cathy says:

    Will the choral festival be available to view when the live feed is over, would love to listen to and see the earlier choirs as well? Thank you.

  160. Denis Benson says:

    I was extremely grateful for being able to share the funeral mass this morning of my dear Uncle Denis RIP as I was unable to travel from Manchester. Heartfelt thanks to all the community for all you have done for Uncle Denis. My prayers and best wishes to you always.

  161. Johnny Wills says:

    Excellent site … Very informative ….

  162. James Hopkins says:

    Congratulations on your 50 years uncle John. How time flies…….
    Sorry I am so far away but I was glad to be able to watch the mass via the webcam. Your personal prayer of thanks to God was very moving.
    I look forward to seeing you this year and to show you your two new grand nephews !

  163. Marie says:

    This is a great facility. I was in Dublin for the week end to visit my parents. My Dad was taken to Hospital last eveving and I spent late nite and today with him in A / E. He is still in A/E but I had to come back to Limerick for work and hand over to my sibling. I arrived back in Lmk exhausted and have a flu. It was great to be able to log into the website and get mass. I love the singing and the mass.

  164. Anonymous says:

    Many congratulations Father John I have just watched your Jubilee Mass and found it very moving. My friend has given me some of your books and they have been great help to me. God bless you in your work Father

  165. Paula says:

    Today I found your website, and how lovely to participate in Mass from here in the USA. I have not been to Mass in awhile due to illness and do watch it on TV here in the states on Sunday, but it was so nice to hear it tonight and celebrate it with my brothers and sisters in Christ across the pond. We are truly one body in Christ. Your church is quite beautiful. Thank you for your webcam, I will be back quite often now that I have found you. God bless all.

  166. Steve says:

    We watched the Carol Service on line during the holidays and it really brought Christmas into our home. I really enjoyed the music- a welcome change from the usual carols. Looking forward to more of the same in the future!

  167. Liv says:

    Tuned into the Carol service,yesterday-for one last taste of Christmas before the Epiphany. Really enjoyed the music. Thanks for making this service available via the webcam :)

  168. Ita Monaghan says:

    RE: Carol service, conducted by Paul Collins

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching this Carol Service on line. I was particularly impressed with the programme of music: excellent choices made. I really felt the conductor conveyed the beauty and joy of Christmas through his obvious expert knowledge of the music and the manner in which he directed the choir and orchestra, leading them to perform to their true potential.
    Thanks for bringing such a marvellous Carol Service to those who were unable to attend in person.

  169. Bill says:

    Thank you for making the church so acsessable to all through the web cam and open doors and to those that went before you in the monastery through service as altar boys and arch confraternity and of course the novena – all have kept me going all my life (64 now)—even Choir Boys who killed us at Christmas party–(-I forgive you Tommy even for Boolavogue) and to you Fr Adrian and your family our sympathy this Christmas to you on the loss of your Dad
    Bill (M)

  170. Marie Curtis says:

    Congratulations on a most uplifting Christmas Carol Service. It was a most enjoyable ceremony and an appropriate start to Christmas.
    Also thank you for the wonderful 12noon mass each Sunday. The music and choir really make it a beautiful celebraton.

  171. Pauline Maguire says:

    Dear Father,
    I visited your lovely church in Limerick during the summer for the Sunday Mass at noon and was very impressed with the liturgy which included a cantor and piano. I thought it was important that the congregation was encouraged to join in singing the hymns and responses.
    I have since joined you on the internet and was delighted to see the congregation was encouraged by way of hymn sheets, to join in with the choir in the singing.
    In Limerick you really know that “he who sings prays twice” !!!

    Keep up the good work.


  172. Neil says:

    Found a great comfort watching and listening to 12 mass today at work here in the office in Saudi Arabia….complete with earphones, biting my lip so that I would nt slip into responing out loud!!!…felt close to my family and felt so close to home and to God today.

    Thank You so much,


  173. Justine Mulcahy says:

    The online tour of the Church is fantastic. Eventhough I hail from Co. Limerick I have never visited the Church…..living in Leicester UK now. I heard about the Novena website from my sister in law who attended th sessions and I tuned into the streaming….felt as if I was present. Congratulations to all the Redemptorists and all those who were responsible for preparing the Novena. May Our Lady of Perpetual Help bless each one. Justine

  174. Maria says:

    I wish to congratulate all of you on such an inspiring and well run novena. It meant so much to me to go on line each day for it. Thanks to the huge amount of people that made it posible. Please with out Mother Mary’s help I may be fit and able to join you all again next year.You are an inspiration in troubled times. May God reward you all.

  175. Anonymous says:

    Thank you our Lady for all you have done.
    We love you always.
    Lisa m

  176. louise says:

    Dear Fr. Adrian,

    Today I heard your “plea” for assistance with the cost of repairs to your monastery. If in the future you should run a cake sale after Sunday Masses, it would me my honor to make a couple dozen cakes for a fund raising sale.

    May I take this opportunity to thank you and your community for your service to our Spiritual needs

    Kind Regards
    Louise Roche

  177. Kieran says:

    I would to thank the Redemptorist Family for broadcasting the Novena. My mum is ill and it is a wonderful way for her to get involved with the singing and the mass. It is a wonderful service and it is great for people who cannot attend to get involved and of course it is not only the novena but other masses as well

  178. Anonymous says:

    I have just watched your beautiful mass on the internet. You would feel as if you were really present at the mass. Thank you so much.


  179. Annette says:

    Dear Leaders in St Alphonsos, thank you for this wonderful service, I have done the Novena each year since it has been available online. it is very easy to do and navigate the site.
    I now live in England but when I lived at home I also did the Novena each year and every Sat . eve. as a child with my family. I truly love the experience. i wish it was on every day. I am a Christian of couse and attend a church each Sunday and love the Lord. Thank you Mother Mary for being an obedient servant and giving birth to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  180. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for my son who has MS and has lost the use of his legs and is getting worse. He is trying a new medication that has helped others with Chrones disease and some of them had MS and it helped some of them to walk again. Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph for all your gifts.

  181. martina says:

    Have great memories all my life of the novena. Unfortunately I can’t make it this year due to been sick but it is a fantastic facility to watch it on web cam. My parents took me every year as a child and my dad used to be a steward and while he was stewarding my mom would wait for him and we would do 2 or 3 sessions a day. The redemptorist church has always been a beautiful church.

  182. Margaret says:

    Thank you for this wonderful service. I heard about it through my sister Jacinta. At first I was a bit daunted at the idea as I have attended this novena since childhood. Transport makes it diifficult this year. With the loss of my dear Mam in Jan it’s difficult to concentrate on the power of a faith that has always been my rock and my hope for strength. I pray daily for my Dad and family members whom I wish I could protect from the pain of losing Mam which I myself find heart wrenching. Please bless all who work to bind us in our faith and may everyone all across the world be given the beauty of a healthy happy hope filled future full of love happiness and light. Bless and protect my Son. Thank you Mother of Perpetual Help.

  183. Theresa says:

    I have, this morning, prayed and sang at the 7am session of the Novena, and I thank you so much for
    letting me be able to share in the Novena…

  184. gerardine says:

    You may inform the last priest who spoke that I did hear him in Castletroy. I have been ill for a few days and I feel it has been great to take part the Novena in my own home. Please God, I should be able to make the last few days. The Novena yesterday was very meaningful. It is very difficult as a Mother to explain that some of the old values are still very important in having loving, trusting relationships and as society now seems to accept and not question what they now see as the “norm” in behaviour. Thank you for having the web cam.

  185. Phyllis says:

    This is a lovely facility. We are cutting silage today and I am unable to get into the Novena. I love listening to the sermons especially. Thank you for making this available to me.

  186. margaret o'brien says:


  187. Catherine says:

    It is great to listen to the Novena while in Rome. I usually attend when I at home in Limerick but when away due to my studies, I love having the opportunity of joining in and participating via the webcam. It is great to listen to the preachers who are brilliant as per usual but in particular this year, the standard has been superb. It has been fantastic to see the great numbers attending the sessions. Also, final praise for having the Novena booklet available to download in PDF format.

  188. mary says:

    The novena to Our Lady is the most beautiful gift. I live for this novena each year and thank God and Our Lady I am alive for another year for it . I am stuck for words!

  189. Desmond says:

    Good to see that technology can play a positive role. Sad to see that the area around the church is (like the rest of the city) continuing to deteriorate.

  190. Lucy says:

    I was in Limerick for the first 3 days of the novena and I was delighted to learn that I could continue to attend the novena online. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I also let my 2 sisters who are abroad in England and Australia know so they too could follow it. We used to come to the novena every year as children with our mother who sadly passed away in January. Wwe miss her alot but know she would be thrilled that we are attending the novena in her honour and of course for ourselves too – it is truly inspirational. I particularly enjoy the singing and the petitions / thanksgiving, the sermons are always inspiring too.
    I notice the dubbing is a little out of sync and the focus could be sharper, seems to be focused behind the priest rather than on him – not sure if it’s my PC though.
    Thank you.

  191. Anonymous says:

    I have been doing the Novena now for over 50 years and just love it. When I met my husband I introduced him to the Novena and we are married 44 years and have not
    missed a single year. It is just wonderful – the atmosphere, the singing and the great faith. Our Mother of Perpetual Succour has done do much for me and my family, I
    just cannot thank her enough..Thanks also to the Redemptorist Fathers who conduct the sessions each day. Dear Mother, please contine to help all our family always .

  192. patrick says:

    I enjoy the Novena so much, I thank your order for the wonderful feeling of trust I get when listening to your members preach. I feel they are being sincere and truthful, it’s a shame that I do not feel this way at every mass and every priest, forgive me my comment; I have no intentions of putting a damper on such a great 9 days. If I can ask one thing; why do we have to sing so much of the mass and services these days. I know all the prayers of the Novena but I cannot sing them; though I may say I have not got a bad voice. During the singing of the once said prayers I hear no other voices, but when the prayer is being said I hear all the people join in. Sorry for the moan, but thanking you and your order so much for a wonderful service.

  193. Bridin says:

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help, please look after Paul, help him to settle in in Atlanta. Look after him and keep him safe .

  194. i have been doing the movena for years, but now i live in abbeyfeale and i find it hard to get in every day; so i try and get in 4 times in the week, and the other days i participate via the web. all things modern are not bad, when they are put to good use, thank you so much for so much.

  195. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful to see and hear Blessed Mother of Perpetual Help novena. Well done to the young girl leading the music : )
    God Bless x

  196. mary says:

    Dear Mother Mary please let my mam fully recover from her recent operation. She is a wonderful mother and grandmother.
    please also look after a first time expectant mother who is in hospital. look after her and her baby please.

  197. Geraldine O' Brien says:

    Thank you, for allowing me to participate live via webcam to the novena of the Blessed Mother of Perpetual Help. Although I am here in Boston, I feel very much part of the congregation in Limerick. I have spread the word to many parts of the world; the web has been a powerful tool for many of us who live abroad to keep in touch. It is amazing that I can see and listen live and my poor mother who is house bound is unable to be part of it. It is too bad that it is not broadcast live on the radio. She has a special radio that she uses daily to get her mass from her local church. Maybe some day someone will come up with the answer. In the meantime many thanks for all that you do.
    God Bless1

  198. elaine o kelly says:

    A fantastic facility to be able to do the novena at home, makes it very special and personal. God bless all who attend and partake

  199. Anonymous says:

    Many thanks for a great service. It’s so beneficial and uplifting to be able to just pop in any time we feel the urge to say hello …..modern technology !

  200. avril says:

    This is a lovely idea. Very handy. Very good reception too :-)

  201. Yuliya Ruseva says:

    Great idea to have the masses online. Thank you and well done

  202. Geraldine says:

    How lovely to be able to participate in the Limerick Novena from Canada. This is my third year viewing the novena through the web and I am truly grateful this service is provided.
    God bless.

  203. Brian says:

    Dear Fr. Brendan, Thank you for your sermon today, enjoyed it. Brian, Saintes (France)

  204. Dan Daly says:

    I am so delighted to be able to participate in the Novena via your website and webcam, it is just like being there. I am in Kazakhstan but my wife Margaret and family are attending in Limerick. My prayers and very best wishes

  205. martha says:

    please our lady help megan get thought the bad times and make her get better

  206. Mary says:

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help,

    Please remember my niece who died tragically a few years ago and remember her husband, daughter and her immediate family.

    Remember a dear friend who died tragically recently and his wife, son and their families and all his friends.

    Please keep all my wonderful friends in good health and happiness.. I have a wonderful set of friends.

    Please help me get a better job I am very lucky to have work but have to constantly battle to improve my hours.. I was made redundant two years ago and have a very good job. I am earning a lot less and struggle in these times but appreciate that I am working but in time would like to improve my circumstances to it will be easier to pay bills etc.

    Thank you for all the blessings in my life I have many and lots of wonderful friends and may I also strive to be a good friend to them.

    I would like to remember those who may not have people to remember them in the novena I would like to think of them.

    I would like to keep my petition just for a member of the community of Redemptorists and our lady.

    Please keep me in good health and all my family and friends and a friend in Uk whose husband has been in hospital and has a lot of health issues and a cousin too keep her safe and well.

    Thank you.

  207. Louise Roche says:

    The Web Cam is simply fantastic and wonderful to be able to follow the novena on days I cannot attend the Church. Thank you for giving us this facility
    Thank you for your work
    With grateful appreciation

  208. elaine says:

    please our lady help jessie to get better

  209. jacinta says:

    I found the live webcam by accident .I was dissappointed I couldn’t join my sisters for the novena this year due to ankle injury so i typed into google ,limerick novena’. Thank you so much for the broadcast as I live in thurles. I remember fondly all the redemptorist novenas attended as a child and am saddened this year that our Mam is no longer with us. May she rest in peace and may Mary our Mother of Perpetual Help comfort and support my brothers sisters and Dad at this time. xx

  210. Mary Susan says:

    Thank you for allowing access to the Novena and to Mass from the Fathers. I will let other individuals know about this fantastic option.
    The coverage is excellent and I look forward to using your website when I am unable to get to Mass at church.
    Please keep this website functioning as long as possible.

  211. Catherine Fitzgerald says:

    The online virtual tour of the church is fantastic. It brings back so many childhood memories! God Bless and keep up the good work.

  212. Joe McGlynn says:

    What a Joy it is to be at the Novena in Limerick even though we are in .London Ontario Canada. God Bless the work you do

  213. Maria says:

    I joined you in the 8 a.m Irish time Holy Mass today.It`s always a great pleasure to join you in your Mass prayers.Tomorrow is the Great Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.Your transmission comes out very very clear all across Europe down to my little island of Gozo, sister island to that of Malta.Thank you so very much!
    United in Prayer,Always
    Yours in Jesus Christ and Mary
    Maria Daly de Brincat

  214. Anonymous says:

    When visiting Limerick last week, I saw the Novena posters. Then I noticed in the local paper the novena would be available on the Internet.
    With this access and the large number of time slots, I hope to be able to attend the novena every day from my home or workplace in the UK.
    ‘The Fathers’ really need to publicise this opportunity more. I hope on the first day of the novena, you will encourage everyone present in Limerick to inform their relatives and friends around the country and abroad.
    My very best wishes for a successful Novena and continued support from Limerick and its environs.

  215. Maria says:

    I just assisted your 10 a.m Holy Mass from d…. island of Gozo near that of Malta.Thank you so much for making Mass available for those willing to hear Mass from home.

    Can you kindly tell me if Mass is on any website in any church in County Kelly?
    Thanks beforehand
    Sincerely yours,
    United in Prayer
    Maria Daly

  216. Bonnie says:

    I was told about this website. I am anticipating watching the mass and utilizing this website.

  217. Mary says:

    This is a wonderful site. We live in Germany and do not speak German very well which makes it difficult for us to participate in the mass. We love being able to hear the mass and the sermon in English especially from a church that was part of my life growing up in Limerick. I am looking forward to being able to participate in the Novena through this forum in June.

  218. Maria says:

    Thanks to a kind gentleman, Mr. Michael Byrne, from parish-websites ie…who kindly gave me some 4 parish-websites to visit. I managed to hear the 10am Holy Mass at your lovely churchm.I really enjoed being with the congregation and attending this eucharistic celebration. Well Done indeed!
    Maria Daly
    Island of Malta

  219. imelda says:

    I enjoyed the Easter Vigil very much. I couldnt go to the Church as I wasnt feeling very well.This is a great service. I only tuned in after attending a mission at our local Church by the Redemptorist Fathers. Keep up the good work.

  220. Paul says:

    Anyone who says that the Irish Church is introverted and old fashioned should be referred to this website. It is superb!
    The webcam streaming is just right too.
    Please pass on my compliments to your ‘Technical Officer’

  221. Geraldine says:

    It gives me great comfort to be able to see the altar, and the shrines to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour and the Sacred Heart, and to be able to light a candle

    Thanks for this facility


  222. Anonymous says:

    Just became a part of the funeral Mass of Fr Sean Lawlor, a great man, priest and friend. It was great to be able to see the funeral coverage as we were unable to attend. We worked with Fr Sean over a number of years in Esker and spent many great weekends with him. An inspiration to both us and the couples he met. A true gentleman, a great loss to the redemptorists community, the brazilian community and his family of which we offer our sincere sympathy.

  223. Anonymous says:

    Deepest sympathy on the death of
    Fr Sean in my thoughts and prayers at this
    Sad time

  224. Shannon says:

    This is so awesome I cried. I married last year in St Alphonsus Parish in New Orleans @ St Marys Assumption and your cathedral is very similar. I was really excited to see the St. Gerard Shrine, thanks. Awesome 360 tour too!!!

  225. patrick o'loughlin says:

    Thanks for such a beautiful screen and for the beautiful church in the tour. it looks amazing. God bless you all.

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