Prayer From The Irish

Holy Virgin Mary, you are the joy of my soul.
You are the dew of heaven to relieve my parching thirst.
You are the stream of God’s grace,
flowing out from his heart into mine.

You are the light of my darkened soul.
You are the healing of my wounds.
You are the strength of my weakness.
You are the consolation of my hardship.
You are the easing of my trouble.
You are the loosing of my chains.
You are the help of my salvation.

Hear me, I beg you, O Virgin most faithful.
Take pity on me.
Turn not away from my need.
Let my tears move you.
Let your own compassionate heart move you.
I cry to you, Mother of God and lover of the human race.

Hear me, poor sinner that I am,
and grant me the grace I ask from you,
O Mary my Mother.