Pray with St. Gerard

St. GerardSt. Gerard Majella Novena Prayer

Almighty God,
from his boyhood years
you blessed St. Gerard with generosity of soul,
and led him to do yor will in heroic ways.

By your grace he lived his brief life
in intense love for you
and for those in need.
Hear his prayers now for us
and for all poor souls in trouble.

St. Gerard, friend of sinners,
friend of the poor,
friend of mothers and children,
it is our joy and consolation to come to your novena
to remember the goodness of your life,
your burning sense of God
your tender love for Our Lord and his mother, Mary,
your kindness and care for everyone in need.

Pray for us now in our time of need.
Pray for us in our sickness.
Pray for us in our confusion and despair.
Pray for us in our struggle with life and its mysteries.
Remember especially those who long for children
and mothers about to give birth.
Remember those who have wandered from the
practice of the faith
and need the grace of reconciliation.
Remember all of us poor sinners in our particular needs. Amen.

St. Gerard Prayer for Mother-To-Be

St. Gerard,
you were especially sensitive to the needs of mothers.
Pray for me and my baby.
Ask our good Lord to keep us happy and safe,
and bring us to a joyful birth. Amen

St. Gerard Prayer for Parenthood

St. Gerard,
you had deep compassion
for those who longed for children.
Pray for us in our longing
and bring our love to a joyful fulfilment.
Ask our Lord and his Mother Mary
to bless us with the birth of a child. Amen

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  1. Dear St. Gerard, you answered our prayers once when I asked you to help us get through IVF to create healthy embryos. Now I ask you to help my husband and I conceive a healthy child. Please guide my body through the process of conception so that I can get pregnant and bring a child to term. Please guide all my choices so that conception takes place, and guard over my health and sanity during this time. Intercede for me with God so that my husband and I can be parents to the children we long for, and watch over the unborn children I have lost in the afterlife. I am grateful for your intercession and offer my prayer to you. Amen.

  2. Dear St Gerard please help me in my time of need. Please intercede with Almighty God on my behalf and help me get through this horrendous nightmare. Please help me to keep my home and help me financially as I don’t know from one day to the next if I will have any money at all. Please help lift this depression which is worsening every day. I have recently battled colon cancer and the urge to kill myself gets stronger each passing day. Please please please St Gerard hear and answer my prayers. Amen

  3. prayer requests wife neema is pregnant. normal delivery and healthy baby
    2.prayerful family life
    3. increase faith and love of god
    4.our duties to parents and their health
    5.studies and responsibilty according to the plan of god.
    6.parent hood.

  4. Dear St Gerard pleas pray that my husband and I will be able to conceive and have a healthy baby. We would love to become parents. We have been married for seven years and fertility treatment has been unsuccessful. Please keep us in your prayers

  5. We pray with all our heart and soul to you Saint Gerard, please have mercy and compassion for my broken heart.Grant us,please, the joy of another child. May we be blessed by the adoption of a lovely daughter ! Amen !

  6. Please watch over my daughter who is pregnant and hopefully will have a healthy pregnancy as she had a miscarriage on her first pregnancy.I have utmost faith in you St Gerard Majella and pray for all woman who are longing for a child and for those who are worried throughout their pregnancies. Please hear their prayers .Amen

  7. Dear St Gerard after having premature twins at 24 weeks and losing my little boy I beg and beseech of you to help me carry this baby to full term. I live in constant fear of something bad happening. I place my trust in you , Our Lord and Our Lady and ask for your help

  8. Hello,

    I would like to request prayers for me to get a good job quickly since I have been unemployed for about 8 months. The company I am really expecting to work in has been delaying the confirmation indefinitely for months.

    Thanks and God bless,
    - Kenneth

  9. St Gerard,

    I ask that you intercede for us with the Heavenly Father that if it be His will that he bless Maria and I with twins in the coming year. I ask for this blessing in Jesus name, Amen.

  10. I ask through the intercession of St gerard for the gift of a child for my daughter and daughter in law who are both longing for a child. I pray that my daughter in law will recover from her recent miscarriage and will trust in God’s goodness. My daughter is almost a year married and has been trying to conceive since getting married.

  11. St.Gerard, with all my hear,t I plea for your intercession before our Lord Jesus and Holy Mother Mary so my husband and I can conceive a baby, my little miracle; please pray for my sorrows and sadness to go away.
    I thank you from the bottom of heart for your sweet and kind prayers

  12. St Gerrard and all angles and saints for me and my girlfriend to have a baby soon and to bring us happiness and joy to our lives for there is so many people trying to come between us and cause problems for us and to bring a bit of good luck our way we’re in need of our own house for me and my partner doesn’t life together yet but we see each other on a daily basis but we need our own house so please hear my prayer.
    (Edward and angelina)

  13. St. Gerald Majela i humbly pray for your intercession to help my Niece Cate to have a safe full term pregnancy and be able to bring to this world a new healthy Baby. Also protect the mother to be well and have a safe delivery of the Baby when the time is due. Thank you St. Gerald for your intercession. Amen.

  14. St Gerard thank you for helping me this morning and also thank you for the good news that my cancer may have gone.Amen

  15. Mother thank you for my hospital appointment this morning. Procedure not nearly as daunting as I feared and no more cancerous growths found.

  16. St Gerard please pray for me in my times of trouble. You see how I am suffering so please pray to the Holy Father for me and grant my requests. Amen

  17. I want to pray that my niece will believe in herself. She is young, clever, beautiful and doing really well in college but never seems to feel that she belongs among her friends. I want contentment for her and that she will meet someone who will value her and love her for who she is – a sweet, gorgeous person. That she will see this for herself.

  18. St. Gerard, please help me and my husband pray to be blessed with a healthy baby. Thank you.

  19. Dear Lord, through the intersession of your holy mother ,St. Gerard, St. Therese, St. Anthony and St. Martin , please grant that our daughter and her husband will conceive a baby and carry him/her to full term.Amen

  20. St. Gerard please pray for me and my husband. I am 6 weeks pregnant, first the doctor said that my baby has a severe bradycardia which means my baby’s heartbeat is not normal. After a week of bedrest and medication hoping that my baby will progress. But we failed. After another check up my doctor found out that my baby has no cardiac activity means my baby’s heartbeat stopped. I dont know what to do.
    I cried a lot at this moment my baby still inside me and im waiting for another check up to set appointments for dc. Im in so much pain losing my baby. My heart is broken right now. Please st. Gerard pray for me and my baby. Im a sinner yet im still a mother. I asked god why..but still im keeping and holding my faith and telling myself if its gods will and so be it..but i dont know how to handle this pain for second time around. Im so heartbroken..i did my best to have a child..please st. Gerard im begging you to pray for me.. im breaking into pieces

  21. St.Gerard please pray for us so that I may conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. My husband doesn’t want to adopt a baby, he wants our own baby. Please help and pray and intercede for us for a healthy baby this year.

  22. Please pray for the safety of my wife during her delivery. My wife has a heart problem. Please pray for her safety.

  23. That my daughter have a safe and healthy pregnancy

  24. Dear St Gerard, please ensure that our three little angels are safe and happy in heaven. Please also intercede and let my husband and I be blessed with happy and healthy children that we can hold and raise on this earth. Thank you for your kindness to us and all who petition you.

  25. dear St Gerard, I love you. Please pray for my baby. I can’t feel them move today, I feel tiny flutters hoping there ok. Please put my mind at ease and have them give me a good kick. Please help me not to be anxious in my pregnancy and keep me in the peace and safe happy environments. Thank you for helping me to conceive and thank you for watching over my little one, Amen.

  26. Please pray for me as this is my last chance of getting the most precious gift of life.
    Dear Saint Gerard please grand me and my husband this favour of becoming parents as we are waiting
    for a family for very long time.
    Please pray for us. Amen

  27. Please intercede for me to get twins/triplets or quadruplets as I lost the first set of twins almost four years ago. Let me be a testimony to many out there. Amen,

  28. Pray my daughter melanie will get pregnant shortly and keep well

  29. Please pray for my dear friend and her unborn child. That complications will be few and both Mother and child have a healthy outcome.

  30. please pray for me that i may conceive soon.may God bless my wormb with alovely and healthy baby.i have pain and feel ashamed.May God save me from pain and shame soon

  31. Dear St. Gerard,
    Please intercede for me to Mama Mary and Jesus that my position in the company will be upgraded to job level 17 and above at the soonest possible time so my income will sustain the needs of my family especially my schooling children. Amen.

  32. Dear St. Gerard,
    Please intercede for me to our Blessed Mother and Jesus, to help me set up a business (if it is really visionary shirt for kids is the biz venture for me) that will be successful and will generate prosperous income for the sake of giving my children the best education and future. My husband and I are in dire need of financial blessings to pay our honest debts; also to help others who are less fortunate. In Jesus Name Amen.

  33. That my daughter will have a healthy first pregnancy. That her birth be healthy and her child may be a blessing as she has been to me.

  34. Dear lord, please bless us with a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful child. Please pray for our beautiful angel lost by miscarriage , love and light to all who read this post , amen .

  35. Dear lord, please bless with a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful child. Please pray for our beautiful angel lost by miscarriage , love and light to all who read this post , amen .

  36. Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you today a sinner asking for repentance and peace. I ask for you to bless my husband and me with our very own child that is made in Your image and likeness. It has been 4 years and we long to carry our baby in our arms. Please find favour on us and grant us our hearts desires. Amen
    To Jesus through Mary

  37. We are married. 22years bout. There is one thing missing we have no children. It is very. Sad to a Mother i have prayer all the years to. Have. A child. My heart. Is broken. We can get so depressed iam very. Unhappy vary sad, i never give up hope my haret is not ther anymore. I look around me ever one has children god bless. My home is quite i think how I have to live for. Sorry if i only cut be happy and my Michael. Please will you get back to me. I love you’re parys. Will you pary for our family and my brother John he is very sick and depressed please pary for him. My mother father is very sick. Depressed please well you pary for tham bother child is very sick in hospital he name is willing. I also have sisters with no children how would love a child. Thanks you your Mary. Michael

  38. dear Lord, through the intersession of your holy mother ,st. Gerard,st. Therese, st. Anthony and st. Martin , please grant that our daughter and her husband will conceive a baby and carry him/her to full term.Amen

  39. Pray for baby Jaydon who very sick he was doing so well and now back in intencare pray for a speedy recovery pray for my daughter who just wants him home

  40. St. Gerard, Through your intersession, help us to have children. A baby boy and a baby girl. It has been three years since we got married. Please help us.

  41. I pray to our loving and merciful God, through the intercession of all the Saints particularly Saint Gerard and all the Angels in heaven for healing for Lucille’s physical illness. I also pray that Lucille realizes how much I love her. I love her with all my heart and soul and believe we can build a great life together. Pray God will lift whatever fears or doubts she has and give her the courage to pursue a relationship with me. And lastly, I pray for financial assistance for me to pay all the debts I have incurred in my life and the financial obligations I need to settle. Amen

  42. St. Gerard, Please pray for the unborn child I miscarried last year, and to help me through my grief. Please also intercede on our behalf in our upcoming treatments that I may be healthy and have a healthy baby with my husband. Renew and strengthen our marriage during this difficult time.

  43. Please pray for me and my husband that we will be bestowed the gift of healthy children.Please Please Please Saint Gérard Majella. AMEN.

  44. Dearest Lord I pray that as I undergo this ivf procedure. Guide the hands of the drs so they are purposeful and perfectperfection of you guides them as they help in creating a child of God for us.
    Lord hear our prayers

  45. Dearest St Gerard ,
    my daughter has conceived naturally after many years of trying ivf and miscarriage. Thank Our Lord his blessed mother and your dear self for answering my prayers. Dear St Gerard , I humbly ask that you watch over my daughter and her precious baby, protect them from harm and grant her the blessing of a safe delivery of a healthy baby . Also please look after my daughter let her be well during and after delivery. I know I ask a lot, I am a worried and anxious mother, and an unworthy sinner

    Blessed Mother Mary watch over us.
    In Jess name . Amen

  46. Please help me to get pregnant & give birth to a healthy baby. We really want to start a family. Lord please hear our prayers amen

  47. Please let my baby be safe until it comes into this world.


  49. For the gift of child

  50. Dear Saint Gerard,
    Today is the 5th day of my Novena for your intercession.

    I am so weak I almost can’t pray.
    By the Grace of God please answer my prayers as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  51. Please pray for my friend who would love to start a family and my private petition to st. Gerard.

  52. Help my sisters interviews go well this week wed 4 30pm and thurs 7pm. Help her to do her best and not to be nervous

  53. Dear St Gerard, we humbly pray for our daughter who is carrying twins and is due in May. She has a difficult road ahead of her and has been very ill. We pray that both of the babies arrive safely and are healthy as well as our beloved daughter. We thank God for this enormous blessing and ask that God grant us the health and strength to be able to help her to care for these precious babies. We ask this in Christ’s name and thank you, St Gerard. Amen

  54. Dear Saint Gerard,

    I humbly ask for you to please grant me and my husband a child. We have been married for 6 years and had a miscarriage. Just recently, we sought help from an infertility doctor and had insemination last week. Please help us conceive a healthy baby soon and may you continue to look after our soon to be growing family.

    I ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

  55. Please Saint Gerald pray for the protection of my baby in the womb,am nine weeks pregnant.I had a miscarriage before so this time round am really anxious and worried.Please pray that i may carry it to full term and have a healthy baby. Thank you St. Gerald. Amen.

  56. Please St Gerad pray for my daughter she wants a child so much Amen

  57. Please pray for my sister being monitored tonight in hospital to keep her safe and pray she will have a healthy baby and safe delivery. AMEN.


  59. Please St Gerard help us. We have no children.

  60. Please pray that our daughter will have a safe delivery of a beautiful, normal, healthy baby without any complications at home, or in the hospital. She is expecting her baby to be born at any time now.
    Thank you St Gerard.

  61. Dear St.Gerard
    Pray for me that I may have another little baby to love and cherish as much as the one I have already been sent. I am so privileged to be her mother and would be honoured to be the mother of another precious child. I pray to you too that my husband would learn to relax and enjoy life and that he would stop obsessing about and talking about money all of the time it is so hard to listen to. I pray too that a looming court case gets settled in my family’s favour and that justice will be done .
    Thank you St.Gerard

  62. Please St Gerard help to a couple who are abiding by the Church’s teachings on infertility to become parents. They would cherish and love a baby. There has long been a devotion to you in our family and this prayer is only help I can offer them. We trust in you.

  63. please pray dear St Gerard Majella for my dear niece loraine that she will be safely delivered of baby six weeks premature.Thank You St Gerald Majella.

  64. I would like to have a baby girl so bad please pray for me

  65. Please pray that me and Gerard will have a healthy baby soon. That i may be pregnant by now and will conitnue to have an uneventful pregnancy.

    Thank you


  67. please pray that the Lord will grant us the gift of another child. we have been trying for almost three years!
    also for direction in life regarding work.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  68. Please, saint Gerard M ajella I ask you to pray for me for my consultant to call me as soon as possible to have my operation as I have been told I need to operate on my Left hip as it is nearly collapsing it is very painful all the time . Kneed to have a new hip .to correct it .hope that you hear my prayer and it will be answer very , very soon .Thank you ,very much.Iput all my trust and prayer into your good hand. Thank you again.

  69. Please St. Gerard pray for us tomorrow.
    Praying for good news and not another angel flying away from us.
    Thank You St. Gerard

  70. please pray for my daughter who has been trying to conceive since 2009 when she had a miscarriage. now she wont stop bleeding for past two weeks. Hold her in your prayers please. Her name is Tariro.

  71. Please pray for us as we await a decision which we need to be in our favour. We are going through a difficult time and it has caused us sleepless night and worried days. We would appreciate it if you could include us in your prayers Thank you

  72. Please st.gerard pray for us that our fertility treatment is been successful and we will have a positive pregnancy test. Please we’ve been waiting for baby for a very long time. I will always cherish and be grateful to you. I really wish to have became a parent.

  73. dear St Gerard Majella,
    pray that all will go well for my friend who is about to give birth 9 weeks premature
    pray for her and her baby
    thank you St Gerard Majella

  74. Dear Saint Gerard,

    Please find a good husband for me. . It’s very hard at the moment to find a decent person who wants to commit. I am very anxious to settle down and have a family and I feel time is running out for me. Please guide me in the right direction for this intention.

    Thank you Saint Gerard xxxx

  75. Please St Gerard Majella,
    help my quest for a baby, also help my friends quest for a baby too,
    thank you most sincerely
    God bless.

  76. Dear St Gerard, please pray for a very special friend who is getting her knee operation done on Wednesday, pray that all will go well for her and that she will make a full recovery. Thank you St Gerard Majella


  78. Please st gerard pray for me for my relationship which has broken down three weeks before i am due to give birth i am worried sick and so upset please help me to get threw each day and trust in gods plan for me.

  79. St Gerard please pray for my daughter, three nieces and cousin that they will give birth to healthy babies. Keep them strong in mind and body. Amen

  80. Dear St Gerard Majella, please help my mother is her final days as she is easinlg gradually towards death. She has had 90 years of reasonable good health but is now sick and frail and not making any real progress towards recovery.
    Please pray for my sisters and i,and our families as we keep vigil with our mother at this time.
    Please pray for my brother-in-law Johnie, who has been diagnosed with bowel cancer.
    Please pray for another borther-in law recovering from surgery on his shoulder.
    Finally, Dear St. Gerard, i pray to you for my own recovery from breast cancer for which I will be undergoing radium treatment in the near future.
    Thank You St. Gerard Majella

  81. Dear St. Gerard,
    Thank you for already blessing us with 2 happy healthy sons, if you could see it in your heart to grant us another happy healthy child our family would be complete. Please also help me to find a solution to my stressful life at the moment and clear the confusion. Also, my friend and her husband are trying for their first child. I leave it in your hands, whatever is your wish.

  82. Please hear my prayer continue to watch over my daughter and son. Watch over them on their travels give them the strength, guidance, direction, support and protection that they need. Look after them and let them be ok. Let them achieve their goals socially and privately. Keep them strong and positive. Thank you for listening to me and I put all my trust in you Amen

  83. please help me to come of prescription medication all spiritual physical emotional and financial temporal needs God bless and tk you

  84. Please Saint Gerard help my son find work get on well with his education and to be a safe driver.

  85. St Gerard, please bless us with the wonderful gift of children, thank you

  86. Dear St. Gerard,please help me to live the life I should be living. To be financially independent and in a loving lasting relationship. I feel pressured from all sides at the moment and want to live in joy and courage rather than in fear and worry. I pray also for friends in need at this time. Thank you.

  87. A special prayer for my niece Louise who is expecting her first baby

  88. Dear St Gerard, I pray that myself and my husband will know the joy of becoming parents. We have been trying for three years and long for a baby. Please hear our prayers. Amen.

  89. Please hear my prayer thank you for guiding and supporting my daughter through her cardio vascular and paediatric exams. Please let her have passed them today you know how hard she has worked for these and also how important they are. Give her the boost and confidence to continue she really needs this. She deserves this so much please let her have got them both. Show her that she can do it. Thank you for listening to me and I put all my trust in you Amen

  90. Dear st. Gerard
    I pray that me and my wife will have succesful iui treatment this month that will lead to a healthy pregnancy.
    please pray for us

  91. I pray that my husband and I will be blessed with the gift of a child. We are struggling for sometime now but have faith that God’s will shall be done.

  92. St Gerard please pray for me I’m trying to conceive
    I pray that I now am and ask for your help
    In doing this please remember me
    L O N

  93. St. Gerard
    Please pray for my niece that everything will be ok and that she’s well. That there isn’t any health issues thank you

  94. Dearest Saint Gerard, I am blessed with a beautiful little girl, please keep her safe from harm & grant that we may give her a sibling, I implore you to help us & to take care of our babies in heaven.

  95. I pray for my daughter and ask thart she would be given some relief from her illness and my brother in law who is starting treatment for cancer



  98. Dear St Gerard,
    Please pray for my lovely daughter that she does not miscarry .

  99. Dear St Gerard,

    Please pray for me (us) to find peace and become less anxious about trying for another baby which will complete our family. Thank you for delivering M to us safely last December, we are truly blessed.

  100. Please hear my prayer thank you for guiding and supporting my daughter through her cardio vascular and paediatric exams. Please let her have passed as you know how hard she has worked for these and also how important they are. Give her the boost and confidence to continue. Thank you for listening to me and I put all my trust in you Amen

  101. Conceive baby not go through infertility again!

  102. Dear St Gerard,

    Please intercede for me with our Lord Jesus that I may have a child after a couple of failed IVFs. May you also look favourably on my husband, that he may soon find a job.

  103. Dear St Gérard please pray for my children that they will remain healthy and happy also for my mother that her medical issues stay at bay and that all her worries lessen. Thank you St Gérard

  104. Am longing for a child, pray for me that this longing of a joyful fulfillment is granted

  105. Dear st Gerard ,
    Please pray for us that me and my husband will be lucky in having a baby.
    Please pray for us as all my faith is with you.
    M and M

  106. Dear Glorious St. Gerald. Please obtain grace and favours for me. I need to get pregnant this october 2014. I pray in Jesus name and the merits of our blessed mother Mary AMEN.

  107. Dear St Gerard
    Please pray for my mum J.G. She had cancer and has Found a swelling please pray it’s not the Cancer returning please pray she’s seen today by the hospital and everything is clear .
    Thanking you

  108. I lift up my son and mother to you St Gerard.Grant them peace happiness and calmness,Remove their fears and pains and sufferings.Grant me peace of mind too.

  109. St. Gerard,
    Thank you for blessing us with a wonderful son. Please pray that our scan tomorrow shows a happy healthy baby (despite the fact that I’ve been bleeding for the last few days) and that this baby will be born safe, happy and healthy next March/April. Please continue to watch over us all.
    My brother also needs your help to work on his anger issues and become a happier person.
    I pray to you St. Gerard

  110. Dear St.Gerard i ask you t pray for me to get pregnant soon before my bday come..My husband and i are married for 9yrs and we still trying to get pregnant…grant me this favour and my prayers in jesus name….

  111. Dear St Gerard please grant that our daughter and her husband will be blessed with the gift of a baby, they are waiting 5 years now. Please hear our prayers and bless all my family and our marriages amen

  112. st. Gerard, and all good people please pray for Fr. Gerard. who is leaving our Parish soon.May he enjoy good health in body ,soul, mind and spirit and may his parents be well and heal in body ,soul, mind, and spirit. May God and Our Lady bless him and them now and always,amen.

  113. Dear St Gerard, patron saint of mothers, as a mother of six I call upon you to intercede today with Jesus that my prayer for family unity be granted. I have been praying for many years for this intention. please dear Gerard help me. I grow weary and my faith is faltering. Please help me and my family. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

  114. Dear St Gerard
    I ask you to pray for me that I will get good news on friday with positive pregnancy test. I have been married seven years and we both long for a child. This is our fourth IVF and will be our last chance . I thank you for all the good in my life but I ask you to grant me this favour and in doing so allow me to receive delivery of a healthy baby
    Thanking you

  115. that Y will not lose the embryo’s and the bleeding will stop

  116. Dear St. Gerard,
    I have been praying daily to you since I have conceived my son. Through your kind intercession, I pray that my son is healthy, that he is developing normally in all areas, and that he will be born alive and safely without complications this December. This prayer comes from the heart of a mother whose baby girl passed away last year in July. Please our Lord Jesus Christ to hear and grant my request. Amen.

  117. for my brother Gerard to sell his house soon

  118. StGerard, please help Siobhan to day as she has gone into labour with her first child, please grant her a safe delivery and a healthy baby!!

  119. Pray for me to have a baby after two miscarriages please st.gerard here my prayers….x

  120. Dear st. Gerard please let me have a baby before I go 40 please help me please. Hear my prayers. Thanks

  121. please pray for my sister in law jenny who is currently in labor and will undergo cs, to be safe as well as bb raynne. I fervently ask for prayers from st. Gerard. Please hear our please oh Lord…. Amen

  122. Pray for my friend who long for children , asking our mother Mary to bless them with a child x

  123. Pray for my friend Josephine & Peter who long for children , asking our mother Mary to bless them with a child x

  124. I am married for 4 years now and we are trying to have a baby… We ask for your help to pray for us that we will be blessed with a baby… Thank you so much! Gbless us all..

  125. Dear St. Gerard,
    I am heartly praying to you for helping me to become pregnant with healthy baby. This is not only gift for myself but for my family who loves me and related to me. Pls.hear my prayers St. Gerard! IN THE POWERFUL OF JESUS NAME! AMEN!

  126. Dear St. Gerard, please intercede for my urgent petition of family unity and reconciliation. Please grant a timely response to my prayer to you. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  127. Dear St Gerard, Please bless me with a child xx

  128. Dear St Gerard, My niece has been trying for a baby and is now seven weeks pregnant. She has not been well for the last few days and there is a chance of losing the baby. Please pray that this baby will survive and be healthy.

    Thank you

  129. Dear Saint Gerard please intercede to God on our behalf and pray that we may conceive another child if this is God’s will. If this is not God’s will help make us strong to move forward with what God has planned for us. Amen

  130. I gave thanks for St Gerard’s help in making an honest confession and for the blessing of an understanding confessor.

  131. That I will have the opportunity to make an honest confession this afternoon.

  132. Thank you St. Gerard for your intercession in the prayers for pregnancy for the wonderful women in my life. Bless my daughter in law who has high blood pressure, my niece who after 2 types for cancer has only 1 kidney, and bless our family friend who after I.V.F. has been blessed with 4 strong heart beats. Help my son to overcome any issues he has with substance abuse of any kind so that he can be a strong wonderful father. Please intercede for them to have healthy pregnancies and births and after living long happy, healthy Christian lives here on earth that they will be welcomed into eternal life with our Lord and Savior.

  133. Dear St Gerard.
    I pray for your halp me and my husband has been
    Triying for a baby for nerly 2 yares now we have no childran but we are hopeing and pray to have 1
    Dear St Gerard u have my to lost babys with u now
    Thank you for minding them so plise St Gerard pray
    For us to have a buterfull baby boy or girl. Thank you

  134. Dear St Gerard
    we have been married since 2009
    we are longing to have children
    please pray for us
    pray for regular ovulation and that my womb is prepared to conceive
    Pray that the demonic anti conception dreams i get every night stops so i can get divine dreams instead
    pray for my husband
    I also pray for healthy babies

  135. St Gerard plz intercede for me and my boyfriend Blessing. i would love to start a family nw. make us a family. make me fall pregnant with twins. plz intercede for us to Almighty God. i want a home with a happy family. plz plz plz. i ask of u.

  136. Please pray that my niece will become pregnant with a healthy baby

  137. Special intention

  138. Dear st gerard please pray for me I’m going through Ivf please st gerard pray that I get a positive pregnancy test Sunday thank you st gerard

  139. Dear St. Gerard

    Thank you for answering our prayer today.

    Please look after my baby throughout my pregnancy .

    Thank you so much Saint Gerard.

  140. Dear St. Gerard, me and my husband has been trying to conceived for almost 4years now.. Please pray for us to have our own child.. Please pray for me to get pregnant and have a healthy baby. Thank you st Gerard for this petition.

  141. Dear St Gerard, I deeply ask for your help and blessing of a baby. My husband and I have been trying for years with 3 ivf rounds 1 miscarriage and 2 failed we will be having a transfer again soon. Our hearts are broken I pray to you to help us stay positive and give my body and heart the love, strength and openness to welcome this baby and hold this baby safely through to life. Please hear my prayers, please help us to have a most wanted baby. Thank you for my beloved husband who is a wonderful man and my wonderful family for all their love and support. Please hear my prayers. Amen

  142. Dear st. Gerard

    Please help us again to have another baby.
    It is our last embryo and we really need
    your help to get a positive result on Tuesday next.
    We pray for all the people who long for children.
    Thank you for looking after ailbhe and keeping her well.

  143. please let me meet p today and we can have a chat and meet soon also for an increased income maybe a day working in a ladies boutique

  144. Dear st gerard I went for my transfer please pray that we will have a healthy little baby thank you st gerard

  145. Dear st gerard pray for us pray that I will be healthy and strong enough to go through my Ivf as I have been unwell and pray we may go for a transfer tomorrow pray that we have a healthy little baby thank you st gerard

  146. Please grant me the gift of another angel child to love and cherish amen.

  147. I pray for a healthy pregnancy and to give birth to a healthy child who i can bring up in the Catholic Faith. After a miscarriage in December, my confidence in shaken but i pray that this time will be better.

  148. Dear st Gerard I prayed to you when I was at the clinic and you answered my prayers I now ask you that everything will go well on Saturday please pray for us st Gerard in our time of need send myself and my husband a baby I thank you for being with me at my hour of need bless you st Gerard I pray for all who long to have children

  149. Dear st Gerard please pray for me and my husband we are currently going through Ivf please pray that we have a healthy baby also pray for my husband who suffers from chroms disease

  150. St Gerard Majella please pray for my daughter and her unborn baby for a safe delivery and the baby who has to have heart surgery when born will be safe.

  151. St Gerard please pray that L becomes pregnant with a healthy baby.

    Thank You

  152. Please St. Gerard, intercede once again for my daughter and son-in-law to receive a child quickly by means of adoption. Their 3 year old needs a little sibling, and the family needs to grow a bit.
    Their work situation has been resolved, so they no longer have to wait to be eligible, but so much time was wasted in seeking and securing a job that would support the family, that now time is of the essence as the age clock keeps ticking. I know you WILL come through, as you did to get their beautiful daughter, and arranged for my baby brother, a teeny preemie, to be spared so many years ago, Thank you so very much! Hasten to the feet of Our Lady of Knock, please. (Grandma)

  153. I pray to St geard I have had 2 miscarriages and now am pregnant wit my third and I ask for you to pray for my baby and that I have a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby amen

  154. I ask you to pray for me, am expecting my first child between July and August 2014, I ask 4 my general good health of mother and baby, for baby to be born normally and safely at the right time, and for the finances to be better thru out pregnancy and baby’s livelihood in our family. Thank u

  155. St Gerard, Please may LA become pregnant soon.

    Thank you

  156. I pray for my beloved daughter-in-laws Kristina and my Son Daniel to be bless with a baby. They have been trying . So with your intercession to Our Beloved Lord Jesus, and Our Lady, I give this petition to you to lay at the feet of Christ. May God be glorified throughout the world for the mercy and graces He has bestowed on us. I love you Jesus, and I praise you. Amen

  157. St. Gerard, please pray for us. I am 5 months pregnant with my first pregnancy and we found out that my baby girl has a severe congenital heart defect. We pray for God’s intercession that her heart is healed and for the best possible outcome. We pray that she is able to live a healthy, happy life with minimal intervention. I also pray for my father’s upcoming heart surgery. Amen.

  158. St.Gerard my husband and I are ready and longing for another baby.We have two lovely and handsome sons.We all longing and praying for a baby girl.Please help me conceive a healthy,beautiful,God-fearing baby girl.This we all ask In the Name of our Lord Jesus.Amen

  159. St. Gerard my husband has a condition called varicocele and we are afraid that it might affect our chances to have a child.Please intercede for us to our Almighty God in order for us to have our own child.Help us cast all our worries as we walk on this journey.This I ask in the Name of the Highest.

  160. St. Gerard, we were blessed with a beautiful miracle daughter after we had been told that it wouldn’t happen. Please pray and help us again to add another child to our family. We find it very stressful and have been trying for two years, please help our anxieties and stressed to go away. Amen.

  161. Please pray for me and my family at this time.we are going through hard times with a sudden death sickness both of phyiscal and mental nature pray i ask you that these afflictions will leave us to obtain peace and serenity for us.

  162. St. Gerard, please intercede on my behalf so that my husband and I can conceive another child. We have been told our chances a low but with your intercession we have faith. Please help us to lift our worries and stop stressing over this issue. Amen

  163. Dear St Gerard Majella
    Please let the delivery of our baby be smoothly, healthy and safe. Please guide and help baby to arrive soon. Please let our delivery have minimal interventions. Please help me remain calm and focused and ease my fear and anxiety.
    Thank you

  164. St Gerard Majella. please help me be strong in this difficult time in my life. I have suffered from depression for the past few years. I’m a proud parent of 3 lovely sons. My husband and I are ready to welcome another baby into our family. I’ve always longed for a daughter to love and care for. please help me conceive a healthy baby girl.

    Thank you St Gerard Majella

  165. I ask your prayers that God may bless my son’s life with joy and that he will find work Thankyou .

  166. Loving st Gerard majella I ask your all powerful intercession for my neighour’s daughter
    C who is in st munchins maternity hospital limerick she is six weeks from giving birth
    But her little baby is not developing properly in womb please please st Gerard let her little
    Baby develop in her womb safely in weeks to come and may she have a happy and safe delivery soon
    Stay by her st Gerard at this time st Gerard I place c and her baby under your all powerful protection
    St Gerard I thank you with all my heart

  167. Dear st Gerard, please pray for my daughter Molly, may her reflux stop. Since birth she has suffered and cried in pain.I have carried her in my arms night and day and have slept beside her and worried. It’s 5 months now pls help her.

  168. Dear St.Gerard Majella please help us in our prayers as my husband and I ask The Lord to grant us the precious gift of a child. We have been trying for 4 1/2 years. We are starting ivf soon . We pray each night to you and I sleep with your medal under my pillow, our lives are near to complete we just want to have a baby , to cherish , a creation of our love for each other. Have mercy on us.

  169. Dear St Gerard Majella. I had a miscarriage in August 2013 I am expecting again but am bleeding. Please help us through this pregnancy that all will be ok to deliver a healthy baby. Thank you St Gerard Majella

  170. Please help me to pray for my daughter in law who, when she was 19yrs old, was struck down with Hoskins Lymphoma. She met my son whom she had known all her life and he helped to support her when she went for her chemotherapy. They got married 6 years ago, and have last week had IVF. We won’t know till next if it has worked and even then faces another 14 weeks wondering if their wee child will survive in her womb Even then the worry will continue until the child, If our Almighty God allows it, is born. It has all Sharon and my son have ever wanted, They are just a couple who love each deeply and a child of their own would be nothing short of a miracle. Please my dearest Heavenly Father bless and protect this little child and please let it be healthy. Please I PRAY you will protect it, and his parents, and that Sharon’s cancer is cured. Please dear Lord, they are good Catholics and attend mass. They are good kind people. Please I beg to allow this chance for Sharon to be a wonderful mother. They cannot afford to have another try. Please, please, please God let it be your will for you are a kind and loving Father. AMEN

  171. Dear St. Gerard Majella, i had a miscarriage in 2013 and i feel the time has come for me to become pregnant even though my partner has had a vascetomy.I pray that I will become pregnant in 2014 as this would make my life complete. My partner has 2 children 1 in another country as his ex wife split up the children. I would love 2 give him a chance if becoming a father again, he is a wonderful person and I would be delighted if I could have my first baby with him.

  172. Please may L become pregnant. Thank you

  173. Dear st. Gerard. I am 11 weeks pregnant. Please pray for me that I will have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Let my navy live a long and happy life. Please keep us both safe. Please keep all our families safe and healthy and I ask u to help me out when giving birth. Amen

  174. Please remember our daughter Anna who is 22 weeks pregnant with twins, she is confined in hospital for
    complete bed rest till they are born, we are praying to St Gerard Majella, so you pray for our petition also, Thank you most sincerely

  175. Dear saint gerard majella,
    I have been trying for a baby for a yr and a half and the doctors don’t give me much hope because I suffer from endometriosis I pray to saint Gerard majella to bless me and my partner with a baby. I would want no greater joy or love.

  176. To meet a very special man who will be my best friend and lover. I will be a better person being with him. Please St Gerard send him to me in the next six months and we will be together for as long as we are both on this earth.

  177. Dear St Gerald ,
    please help me to find peace and serenity in the limits of my physical condition. As a young woman , I was told that I should not have more children , because my health could be at great risk. The day that I was told that , I felt like I had a spiritual death . It was the most devastating moment of my life. As a catholic and fervid pro life , I felt not loved by the Lord , abandoned , betrayed. I wondered , why my right to have as many children as I wanted had been taken away from me. I hope that I can find an answer and a sense in all my suffering . I hope that my broken heart can find faith in God , who did not listen to my greatest desire.

  178. We pray for adopting a little girl. May the Lord bless us very soon with a precious , beautiful and sweet little baby. We cannot wait to have her in our family . We pray for patience , courage , and strength in this long journey that will make our dream come true!

  179. St. Gerard please intercede for me that I may be fruitful in offspring. It’s such an emotional roller coaster every month for the last two years trying to conceive with no success. Give me and others similarly situated strength through this process and aIlow us to conceive healthy normal children and raise them in the image of Christ. Amen.

  180. Please intercede for my son who will be going to see the cardiologist for a little irregular heart heartbeat.
    Thank you.

  181. St. Gerard- I pray to be forgiven for my sins. I live with regret and am sorry. Please help my marriage. My husband is angry and unhappy. We are currently in the process of trying to work things out. Please help us. Please help my husband seek His ways. I pray he will go down the right path and he seek our Lords words. Please help our marriage flourish so we can have more children. Our son needs a sibling. I need another child. I believe my husband yearns for another child as well. Please help our family be happy again. I pray to you for a happy family and a healthy new baby. Dear St Gerard, please hear my prayers.

  182. for safe and painless delivery
    I am working in kuwait and I am pregnant now 28 th week..march 9 th is my due .iam really excited and afraid because my first delevary was too difficult…so i need your prayer for safe and painless delivery.
    thank you

  183. Please I beg you prayer for Keith. He is only 14 years old and is in hospital with bad migrants and have to get a m.r.i scan today at about 12 o’clock I beg you prayer for him please prayer that it comes back clear and that he is ok please prayer that it’s not a tumour or a blood clot or a blood vessels I beg you grant us a miracle with keith today and please prayer that we get good news about him xxx

  184. Dear Blessed and all Holy Blessed Holy Trinity, I worship, bless, exult, extol, magnify, glorify and ask St. Jude with all the angels and saints to praise and all who have breath to praise GOD, Bless Mother Mary, Bless the Saints and Angels and Bless the Blood of Jesus and ask for Pardon for all those who do blaspheme or do not honor the blood of Jesus, Prayer for this nation in all and this Universe for all food, congress, water supply, to stop or get the people(s) that cause harm to GOD’S children etc; I pray and petition you to aid us 17 in all for this day and may i and all seventeen of us do your will first and then all other in mary and in jesus mighty and blessed name, in thanksgiving I ask, knock and seek and for all generations that are abound and abased in My Lord and Savior Jesus with the intercession of all the angels, saints and all who aid me and us 17 and future all, with a rose sent to my enemies and future wife Aubrey with intercession of St. Rita and Mother Mary, more so, St. Anthony’s aid for us 17 in health and all for us 17 and future generations and all in GOD’S timing I pray for all in Jesus mighty name, body and blood,.Amen.

  185. Dear st Gerard please intervene for my daughter and that her father will make contact with her please she has been waiting years

  186. St Gerard, I pray to you to keep my unborn baby safe from harm and that my baby will be healthy and delivered safely when the time comes. I give thanks to you for our beautiful little girl. Dear St Gerard, please hear my prayers.

  187. Praying to St Gerard Majella for conception and promise to name two of my babies after him.

  188. Please pray for my daughter Triona who is 6 weeks pregnant with her first baby – please God she will have health throughout and a very happy and healthy baby next June.
    Please pray for my daughter’s friend who would love to have a baby but is finding it difficult to become pregnant.
    Thank you for this opportunity to ask St.Gerard for help and to thank him for many favours granted.

  189. Dear St Gerard, please bring new hope in my marriage so that my husband and I will find true joy , trust,peace ,love & holiness in our marriage. I ask also for your blessings on our house – to make it a proper home, to help us in our crucial jobs and financial difficulties,and good health. Please pray for zeal in our hearts to seek Him always in our prayers and to make His love known to others. Dear St Gerard please intercede for me.

  190. Saint Gerald Majela, thank you so much for my son, he is the joy of my life, please be with him and protect him from all harm. I ask your prayers and blessing for both of us, please help us – light up our way and guide us at this difficult time in our life. Gerald please pray for my peace of mind and soul and good fortune, I am losing all my hope, my heart and soul is in pain, sorrow and grief every single day. I forgot what word joy and happiness mean, please give me hope, self confidence and enthusiasm to go through life, please heal my soul, also please help me to find employment. I am a single parent and it is very hard for us, we are very lonely and struggling in life. Please help me to meet up my soulmate, my son is missing a dad in his life and he would be very happy to have fulfilled family and have a younger brother or sister. Thank you Gerald for all your help, you are all my hope and faith. A

  191. St. Gerard Majella,
    Please take care of my darling boy who is the love of my life. Your feastday on 16th October is the 3rd anniversary of his death.

  192. St. Gerard Majella,
    Please take care of my darling boy who is the love of my life. Today is the 3rd anniversary of his death.

  193. Dear Saint Gerard please pray for my Grandaughters peace of mind and good fortune. Pray that my two sons refrain from drinking excessively, Pray that my younger sons business will prosper. Please pray that my young Grandsons disphraxia will be cured and my own health will improve.Finally I pray that all the strife in the Middle East be ended. Thank you St. Gerard.

  194. St. Gerard i write to thank you for knowing you. I come to you for your powerful intercession in two aspects mainly that I may come into the most beautiful financial blessing to resolve all my issues, and that I may get a job in the new structure and be very happy doing it Thank you

  195. St. Gerard I come to you to ask for your powerful intercession on my trouble marriage because of my husband ever unfaithfulness in our marriage..I feel really shattered, heart broken, humiliated & discourage..please bring back hope,holiness, kove, joy & peace in our marriage. Please help my husband to keep the sacrament of our marriage sacred and for him to desire most to listen to His voice especially in his prayers always. I ask your prayers and blessings for this glowing desires within me to lead a holy and joyous life, to be able to show in my life a little love & kindness of God always …

  196. I am asking St. Gerard Majella to intercede, to Almighty God, for my niece Lisa and her husband James who were married four years ago on the 9th October and both would love to have children. Lisa suffers from a condition that is making conception very difficult and is due for a surgical procedure on the 15th of October. We just hope and pray that the procedure is a success and with God’s grace they will be able to start a family. They are both teachers and love children. I am sure they will make wonderful parents.
    St. Gerard please intercede for them .

  197. I pray that St. Gerard will guide me in my new job. That I may flourish and I will have the support I need to develop and to be sucessful in my role. I pray that I may be blessed with a good husband and that my depression will not return. I pray for my mother, just for being so great. I pray that she will continue to have the courage and the strength to keep going in her trials. Finally, I want to pray for a very close friend that he may be led onto the right path and that he will find someone who he can share an honest and healthy life with. I pray that he will move on from the hardships that he has experienced for the last two years. Amen,

  198. Pray for my best friends sister who is trying to conceive but has been unsuccessful. I pray that St. Gerard may bless her and her husband with a baby.

  199. My husband and I had been married for almost 2 years. We’ve been longing for a baby since we got married. I’m already 33 years old so sometimes I get a bit hopeless everytime I learn that I’m not pregnant. I’ve learned about the novena to St. Gerard when we went to Redemptorist Church Legazpi City, Philippines. I’ve been praying ever since.

    Please help us in praying that we will be blessed soon. Thank you.

    God bless everyone!

  200. Dearest St Gerard. Help me to spend my money wisely and not to spend it foolishly. To avoid all evil and wrong doing. Keep me on the right path in life.

  201. Dear Saint Gerard, i pray that i may endure this very difficult trial and not fall into despair. I pray for my mother and father that you will bless them in their old age with health in body and mind. Thank you so much for hearing my cry.

  202. Dearest st. Gerard, am praying to God to bless us with healthy twins. Am asking for the intercession of st. Gerard please listen to my prayer.

  203. St Gerard Majella I ask your guidance and blessings. Please help me with my needs.
    1.Give my family a wisdom and peaceful mind and heart always, do bless them to have a good health always and protect them from any harm.
    2. I ask your protection to bless my husband Lucky especially that were far from each other, bless him to have a good health always, and always protect him from any danger. Bless his career that he may continue to excel in his chosen field. May he have a beautiful career awaits for him.
    3. Bless those people who needs your helps.
    4. St. Gerard Majella, I ask your blessings. do bless me with good health always. Spare me from any harm, those people that have a bad intentions unto me please protect me from this. I ask your prayer to bless me with my career, especially now that my papers are already processed in Immigration Canada in Calgary, I need your prayer this time to please help me that my labour market opinion (LMO) will be release any moment of this month so that I can file my documents/papers in Canadian Embassy in Manila. Hopefully the commotion in Calgary will end up soon, so that my papers will be release as soon as possible. I need your help to help me pray that I can work in Canada soon, hopefully this coming 2014…
    5. Please help us to secure our relationship and love with my husband always.
    6. And I ask your help to help us pray to bless us with the birth of a child. Hopefully it will happen when both of us, my husband will be in Canada already.

    And this prayer intentions/petitions I asked from you and to our Lord Jesus Christ and Mama Mary. In Jesus name I pray AMEN…


  204. Please pray for this young couple expecting their first child, but due to complications she is been admitted to Hospital for a Caesarian Section tomorrow Tuesday. Please pray for a safe delivery of this baby and for the mother. Grant them the blessing of a healthy baby that will spread the word of Jesus into the future.

  205. I pray for financial help and for St Gerard’s continued help at work and I give thanks for his recent help.

  206. pray that St Gerard will intercede for my sister and I to find and have holy faithful loving husbands and to have children – raise them in a loving peaceful christian home. Also that my sister and I will live close by each other to be close as a family with our husbands and children according to God’s Will. Thank you.

  207. Dear St. Gerard,

    Please heal baby Matthew before he is born and don’t let him have any health issues or have to go thru an operation. Please make him heal before birth and please watch over his mother to have a safe birth and for baby Matthew to be all right.

    Also, pray for my oldest son, may he find happiness, and not get into trouble because people can’t mind there own business. Please keep all my children safe from harm and protect them.

    In Jesus’ name, keep everyone safe from harm and keep everyone healthy. Also, please give me the strength to cope with all their worries and suffering.

    Please hear my prayer..

  208. Pregnant with twins 23 weeks (after multiple miscarriages, but now experiencing complications.

  209. dear st gerard please pray for me and my unborn baby help us through ;the next few weeks and pray that we will be blessed with a healthy baby and that we will be good parents.

  210. O Mother of Perpetual Help I pray that I will find a new life a new beginning abroad. Help me in my search for a new beginning. Amen

  211. Dear lord, Thank you so much for my beautiful little boy and a special little girl that was born recently. Please bless us with another child that we so long for. Please keep us safe, happy and healthy.Thank you for everything we have. x

  212. To have a healthy and perfect grandchild

  213. Dear St. Gerard, please obtain for us the healing our of little, 2 month unborn baby. Please obtain for us that we will see our baby healthy and with a strong heartbeat on the ultrasound at our doctor’s appointment on Monday, May 20th, 2013. We promise dear St. Gerard to tell all of your saving help and with the help of Our dear Mother Mary, to offer this child to God who by His grace and will, will be a priest or religious. Thank you, Nicole and Sheldon Thomas.

  214. Please God bless us with a baby.

  215. I would like to share my story! Myself and my husband were married in 1982 and late in 1983 we lost our baby. We were trying very hard for a baby for the next six years. I had been in and out of hospital for investigations as to why I was not conciving. However we applied for adoption and went through all the process of forms, interviews, etc. when eventually we were turned down in Jan 1988 and told re apply the following year. Needless to say we were heartbroken! However I was told of the Novena to St. Gerard Majella which I decided to do in October 1988. I went to St. Josephs Church Berkley Road in Dublin for the duration of the Novena. In Jan 1989 we re applied for adoption and when going through all the process again I found out that I was pregant and my baby was due end of Oct 1989. We had to advise the adoption board of the situation. I promised St. Gerard that if I had a boy I would call him Gerard. However I gave birth to my beautiful Daughter on 7th Nov and she was called Eimear. Some years passed and I was not conciving again so needless to say I took myself off to Berkely Road once again to do the Novena to St. Gerard in 1993. I gave birth on 27th Aug 1994 to my Son and yes you guessed it right his name is Gerard.
    I started to pray to St. Gerard in 1988 and still pray to him to this day. I call him my Managing Director and I love him will all my heart and I have wonderful faith in him. So those that are in distress just have faith in St. Gerard he will not let you down. Thank You St. Gerard for all your love and kindness to myself and my family. You are forever in my heart!!!!!

  216. Please St Gerard, my daughter and her husband desperately want a baby. They have not had much success. I know the power of prayer. My 28 year old son was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and, miraculously survived through the prayers of many. I am giving this request over to you to bring to the Lord. A nun that I teach with gave me your name – Yours in Christ

  217. Dear St Gerard, My husband and I are going to adoption panel on 19th March. Please pray it goes well and that we are blessed with our little child soon.

  218. Many many thanks to St Gerard for years of wonderful favours received

  219. Dear St Gerard,
    please help myself and my husband to be successful in this IVF attempt for our longed for child. We have been waiting for many years for a little baby of our own and it would mean the world to us both. Thank you for making the difficult journey through fertility treatment much more bearable. Amen

  220. Dear St Gerard,
    Thank you for the safe delivery of my daughter, please guide and protect her always.

  221. St. Gerard, please help me to live a life pleasing to Our Lord Jesus Christ, to turn away at every opportunity from the temptations of sin, to love you and your heavenly father with greater vigor day by day, to demostrate kindness caring and love to the least in society and to be given the gift of seeing you in everyone I meet, ask Our Heavenly Father for the grace to forgive and forget all wrongs done against me and let me atone justly for all the wrongs that I have done against anybody. Look after Our Church and all who work tirelessly in your vineyard especially our beloved priests, who are constantly attacked and humiliated at every opportunity in RTE programmes. St Gerard, you lived a life pleasing to God, please pour out your graces upon me and petition Our Lord Jesus on my behalf. To show me mercy where none should be given for transgressions. Thank you

  222. Please st Gerard ,

    help me as my college exams start tomorrow. Please help me answer the questions correctly and let the questions I am confident answering be on the papers.

    Help me not to run out o time, keep my writing legible and obtain a high QCA

    Help me not to fear and this time to pass quickly

  223. Dear St Gerard, please help my self and my husband to be successful in this IVF attempt for our longed for child. We have been waiting for many years for a little baby of our own and it would mean the world to us both. Thank you for making the difficult journey through fertility treatment much more bearable.

  224. Please grant a friend and her husband the gift of a child. They are having terrible trouble trying to conceive.

  225. For a much loved daughter and son-in-law, who are undergoing treatment to be able to have a baby of their own. Through the intercession of St. Gerard Majella, may God bless them with this wondrous gift. Please pray for them.

  226. remember the dying and pray that all their sins are forgiven and they enter heaven at the moment of death especially Mossie who is in his final hours of life .Thanks Be To God.Amen

  227. St Gerard, please pray for us while we go through the adoption process as we would love to be parents . Please pray we get our baby.

  228. For the return of my son, daughters and grandson to the church and practise of their faith. Dear St Gerard interceede for them.

  229. Through the intercession of saint Gerard, pray that my wife will have safe delivery of her baby to the glory of God amen.

  230. Please help my sister. She is very upset help her to happy again,

  231. Dear St. Gerard,
    My mother delivered my sister safely through your intercession 28 years ago. I pray now to you to help me conceive naturally so as to avoid undergoing IVF which has already been scheduled for me soon but which I am still unsure of and nervous about.
    Thank you. In Jesus name.

  232. Dear st. Gerald you have never let me down. Please grant me strength to overcome my nervousness of my wedding day. Im am shy and feel nervous about the mass that I Will be too anxious to enjoy the lovely celebration.

  233. St Gerard Please pray for my sons M and P who have serious worries in their lives at present. Please pray for them.

  234. Dear St Gerard,

    Please help my girlfriend in an important university exam give her the strength to understand what is being asked and help her deliver the best answers she can.

  235. Thank you st gerard for a safe birth and a beautiful baby girl ,may you keep watching over her

  236. Dear St. Gerard, friend of sinners, friend of the poor, friend of mothers and children, it is our joy and consolation to ask you to intercede for us, for our four daughters, pray for us now in our time of need, in our sickness, in our confusion and despair, in our struggle with life and its mysteries. Remember our four daughters and those others who have wandered from the practice of faith and need the grace of reconciliation. Remember all of us poor sinners in our particular needs. Amen.

  237. Dear St Gerard please help our napro fertilty treatment be a success so that we will be blessed with a healthy child. Please pray for all our other intentions and that of our families and friends.

  238. Dear St. Gerard. Pray for my sister to accept help from her family and her doctor to get better. We want her to find a reason to love life again.

  239. Dearest Saint Gerard,
    I beseech your help for friends of mine who are trying IVF at the moment this will be their last attempt due to the cost. Please help them to conceive as it would mean the world to them.

  240. st gerard please grant my daughter a safe birth with my grandchild ,may they both be healthy and safe…..i ask this is jesus name amen

  241. Dear St Gerard, my babys results came back all clear yesterday. Thank you so much. Amen.

  242. Dear St Gerard, please let my babys tests results come back clear. Amen.

  243. Dear St Gerald, I come here to pray for you that you may grant my community in Ireland, to have a Brazilian Priest that will guide our people whom are so lost and lonely sometimes. May we get a Brazilian Priest that will continue on the fantastic work done by Father Sean Lawlor. As Father Sean himself said on his interview four days before going to meet with God our Lord, only one Brazilian can understand another Brazilian!
    We need a Brazilian Priest to guide our Catholics to continue on at the Catholic Religion, may they not loose their faith, nor the loose their religion. Amen.

  244. I have one son ,but have lost 2 others sons through miscarriage and a brain aneurysm. I long so deeply for a child and have even prayed to Saint Gerard,but have been unable to become pregnant again. Please pray that I will either conceive another healthy infant and have a safe and successful delivery or that I will be able to successfully adopt a healthy infant.
    Thanks and God bless,

  245. Please pray for me St Gerard for god to give me another chance at parenthood. We lost our baby girl in december and pray with all our hearts for another little baby to stay here with us. Please help us not to give up hope and keep us strong. Thank you for all the things we have but please pray and help us to have another baby. Amen.

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